Coronavirus in Jordan: Where to get information on COVID19 in Jordan

Like many others, you probably have an upcoming bucketlist trip to Jordan. You are wondering about Coronavirus in Jordan and whether this Covid-19 respiratory disease is going to impact your trip this summer or fall, we already know it has impacted thousands this spring. Or maybe you have a love for Jordan, or friends abroad and want to keep abreast of the situation in the Kingdom. 

Below I have outlined information in English coming out from the English media outlets in the country. I have tried to outline the information in Chronological order without repeating information, so it makes sense to read to the bottom and then come back for updates. 

March 18th Update on Coronavirus in Jordan

As of March 18th there are 56 cases of COVID19 in Jordan. 42 are Jordanians and the others are foreigners. There are also over 30 presumptive positive cases in isolation waiting for test results. Many of these cases are people who have recently entered the country from abroad.

If you are in the country and have questions you can call 1-1-1. 

Movement Restrictions as of March 18th

In a statement, the Jordanian Armed Forces will be preventing movement between governorates. This does not include security services as well as those whose job entails moving from place to place. 


March 17th Update on Coronavirus in Jordan

the government has imposed the following restrictions for the next two weeks to fight COVID19 in Jordan:


  • All flights to and from Jordan are suspended. This excludes commercial freight traffic. At this time, the suspension is indefinite. 
  • Work hours for all public departments and institutions will be suspended, except for vital sectors to be determined by the Prime Minister
  • Work in the private sector will be suspended, except for the entire health sector, and vital sectors to be determined by the Prime Minister based on the recommendations of the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply.
  • Essential services such as pharmacies, ration centers, bakeries, food, water and fuel supply chains will continue to operate.
  • Gathering of more than 10 people will be prohibited
  • Movement between governorates will be prevented (and will be inforced by JAF starting on March 19th)
  • Non-emergency medical surgeries to be canceled. Non-emergency medical treatment should also be cancelled
  • Newspaper printing will be stopped
  • Mass Transportation will be suspended
  • Quarantine Camps on the land ports and borders will be set up to house Jordanians who are returning. Jordanians are urged to stay where they are for the time being and practice social distancing in the countries that are hosting them
  • The cabinet has called on people not to leave their homes except in emergencies.
  • The government has launched an official website on Coronavirus. If you speak Arabic, you can access it here

March 14th Update on Fighting Coronavirus in Jordan: School closures, Weddings cancelled, Shisha’s banned in Cafes

  • All schools in Jordan have been suspended as of March 15th for two weeks and distance learning from home will commence March 22nd.
  • A halt to all public events and gatherings. Social events, including mourning houses and wedding should be canceled.
  • Under the guidance of the Fatwa Council and the Council of Churches, a halt to prayer in all mosques and churches of the Kingdom, as a precautionary and preventive measure, with a commitment to raising the call to prayer on time, and broadcasting a unified Friday sermon via TV stations.
  • Stop visiting hospitals and prisons until further notice
  • Close archaeological sites for a week, to implement sterilization. This includes Petra.
  • Suspend sporting events, closure of cinemas, swimming pools, sports clubs and youth centers, until further notice.
  • Suspend smoking Shisha at cafes and restaurants and authorizing the responsible official authorities to close any cafe or restaurant that does not abide by these instructions.
  • While Cafes and restaurants are allowed to remain open, they are required to maintain seating distances between customers, in accordance with Ministry of Health instructions.
  • At this time, work continues in ministries, government departments, public and official institutions. For workers in the private sector, measures will be taken to protect workers and ensure business continuity, in cooperation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and related parties.



March 10th Official Release from the Government on Coronavirus in Jordan and Travel Restrictions for those wishing to visit 

As of March 10th, the government has put in the following measures:

Travel ban to and from Lebanon.

Israel land border crossings have been closed: the northern border crossing, the southern border crossing, and King Hussein Bridge are closed down to most traffic. Exclusions are: Official delegations, Jordanians working at the southern border crossing and people who transfer goods to and from Jordan.

Travel ban to and from Syria, except for goods coming and going via trucks.

All arrivals coming from France, Germany, Spain will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom as of Saturday, March 14.  Jordanians are not allowed to travel to these countries.

Restricted Travel from Egypt: Sea borders at Aqaba with Egypt will be closed. Flights to Egypt will be reduced by 50%. Citizens are not allowed to travel to Egypt unless necessary. Arrivals will be permitted from Egypt. If you are a tourist coming from Egypt, as of March 12th, you can enter the Kingdom at Queen Alia International Airport. Expect Screening.

Travel ban to and from Iraq and Karameh Border Crossing is closed to passengers, but not commercial traffic and official delegations. People can travel to Iraq only through Erbil International Airport and Baghdad Airport.

Jordanians coming from all countries facing restrictions will be subjected to a 14-day home quarantine as part of the precautionary measures followed by the Health Ministry.

Diplomatic missions, international organizations, foreigners, investors, and residents of the Kingdom are excluded from the travel bans, provided that they are subject to the precautionary measures followed by the Health Ministry.

No international or Arab conferences will be held in Jordan if not approved by the cabinet. The decision excludes medical conferences.

These decisions will be reviewed whenever necessary.


The government had earlier decided the following:

Non-Jordanians coming from China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy are prevented from entering the Kingdom. However, Jordanians coming from these countries will be transferred to quarantine.

Public sector employees are not allowed to travel abroad unless they get approval from the cabinet.

No work permits will be issued for immigrants from abroad.

No vacation permits will be issued for expatriate workers and foreign students, so they don’t go to countries where the disease is spreading.

No school trips will be allowed.

Tourist traffic between Jordan and Palestine stopped at King Hussein Bridge


If you are planning to visit Jordan in the coming days and coming weeks, here are major government pages that provide official information:


USA Government Websites on Corona Virus (COVID 19) in Jordan

US State Department Website on Travel to Jordan: HERE and recent health update HERE

The US Embassy in Jordan also posts updates. You can find it HERE.

CDC Centre for Disease Control in the United States: HERE


Canadian Government Websites on Corona Virus ( COVID 19) in Jordan

Government of Canada Website on Travel to Jordan: HERE

You can also find specific COVID-19 Travel info from the government of Canada HERE

Whenever you leave Canada, you should register your presence abroad here: Registration of Canadians Abroad


UK Government Websites on Corona Virus (COVID19) in Jordan

UK Government Website on Travel to Jordan: HERE

Specific COVID-19 information from the UK Government Website: HERE


WHO World Health Organization


Jordan Ministry of Health Website on COVID19

You can access the Jordan Ministry of Health Wesbite HERE however, I find it not easy to access in English and not very updated. 

Their Facebook page is updated, but also in Arabic only. 


Overall, it is important to make your own choice when deciding to visit another country during an unprecedented outbreak like this one. Enhanced screening at airports and border crossings is normal, ensure you feel well and pack your patience if you choose to travel.

Consult Roya News or Jordan Times as both publish in English. Note that spreading rumors about Coronavirus in Jordan is a crime in the Kingdom and that is likely why only news outlets are publishing government released information and there is little information on social media.