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If you are looking for information on Israel tours from Canada then you are in the right place! It can be difficult to wade through all of the information online and find the best way to travel to Israel from Canada. Whether you are looking for a package including a biblical tour or information on how to plan a trip yourself, by the time you finish reading this post, you should have everything you need to know about traveling to Israel from Canada whether you decide to take a tour or visit the country independently.


Booking Israel Tours From Canada

You have a few options when it comes to booking tours from Canada to Israel. You can book yourself a package with airfare all in one place. This might be a biblical journey or a trip on a popular tour operator. You also have the option to book a tour from a local operator and airfare separate and join the tour on arrival. Most of the big name tour operators run several tours to Israel and many offer add-ons to nearby countries such as Jordan or Egypt.


Israel - Jerusalem - Dome of The Rock


Israel 8 Days with G Adventures

Although I have never taken a G Adventures tour, everyone that I know who has, has nothing but rave reviews! G Adventures prides itself on using local hotels and services that directly benefit those who call Israel home. 70% of the services you receive while in Israel are local run businesses. Whether it is hotels or guides, most of the money you spend will help the locals in the country. 

What you will not see on a G Adventures Tour in Israel is 5 Star household named hotels such as the Marriott or Intercontinental. This also means that you are most likely staying in mid-range accommodations.

What I like about this tour is the group size is maxed at 15 which gives you people to chat with but you do not feel like you take over the place on arrival. It could be a a few couples or groups of friends as opposed to a big bus full of people. 

I like that this tour hits all of the highlights and also gives you a taste of the West Bank, with a visit to the Dead Sea and Bethlehem. 

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If you are also interested in adding Jordan to your trip from Canada, G Adventures has a Jordan and Israel Trip as well.


Israel 8 Days with Intrepid Travel

Most of the positive reviews on Intrepid tours come from having great tour guides! This Itinerary hits all of the highlights in just 8 days, including the Palestinian Territories. it features an eco-lodge stay and dinner with a local family. 

This Intrepid trip has a max of 12 people meaning your group will not take over any location on arrival. 

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You can also add Jordan to your Intrepid Tour here


7 Days Abraham Tours

Abraham tours are known for cost-friendly tours, great guides, and a fun atmosphere. But keeping costs down generally means that the number on your tour does tend to go up. Some tours will leave from the hostel, such as a walk to the Old City in Jerusalem, while others will be by coach bus. The way this tour operates is by blending Abraham Tours most popular day trips and accommodation is in their hostels.

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Day Tours in Israel

If you are more of a day-tour kind of person and want to fly in on your own, check out these day tours. The biggest thing to note is what is included and what is not. 

Abraham Tours is also a popular day tour with low costs. They offer plenty of options depending on where you are staying. These are mostly large group tours. 



Travel to Israel from Canada: Flying

The main airport in Israel is outside Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion International Airport.

You have just one non-stop option when it comes to flights from Canada to Israel. If you are flying from Toronto (YYZ) to Ben Guiron International Airport in Tel Aviv (TLV) you can fly non-stop on Air Canada. Flight time is 10.5 hours and Air Canada has daily service. Booking on Air Canada allows you to connect from any major city in Canada, whether you live on the west coast or east coast! 

You can also book connecting flights on lots of other airlines (most of which will connect in Europe or a major US Airport on the East Coast such as JFK or EWR).



Tips for Travel to Israel from Canada


Israel is located on the South-Eastern shore of the Mediterranean and is bordered by Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, and Egypt. Its main airport is Ben Gurion International (TLV) located 18 kilometers from Tel-Aviv. It is less than an hour from Jerusalem. 


Israel and the Palestinian Territories use the New Shekel. Its currency code is ILS. ATMs are widely available, as are currency exchange shops.


Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages, but most speak English as a second language

Visas and Passport Stamps:

Immigration officers do not stamp passports. Instead a small blue card will be issued and should be kept with your passport. Visas are free on arrival for many nationalities

Peak Season and Low Season:

Peak Season is June – August, as well as during major Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Passover. Low Season is typically November to March and can be wet and cold. The best time to visit is in the late spring and early fall. 

What to Pack:

An inexpensive Universal Travel Adapter is a must for those coming from 110V countries (like the United States and Canada). Israel uses 220V/50Hz H and C type plugs

Israel Tours from Canada