How to get from Amman to Dana Village (AND Nature Reserve)

Dana Biosphere Reserve is a popular place to visit in Jordan for good reason. It offers the most variety of flora and fauna in the country on account of its varied climate zones. The Dana to Petra hike has also been named one of the best in the world. If you are interested in hiking in Jordan, it is a must do. However, Jordan does not have a fully developed system of tourist infrastructure and that limits the options when it comes to going from Amman to Dana.

Amman to Dana Transportation Options

As mentioned above it is really limited on how to get from Amman to Dana Reserve. If you want to visit the village, spend the night and then move on, it is best to get a rental car and drive yourself there!

If you are planning on doing a one way hike (to Petra for example), you can hire a car for the day who will drop you off in Dana.

Other than that, Dana is not serviced by public transport on any regular basis. Typically hiking groups that visit the area go on organized tours. There are lots of organized tour companies in Jordan that can help you with a guided hike in Dana.

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Hiking in Dana with Kids

Where to Stay In Dana

Dana village has several accommodation options. The most popular are small guesthouses that were once family homes and have been converted into accommodations for tourists. They offer basic accommodations and charm. Dana guest house offers luxury accommodations with killer morning views.

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For those hiking the Jordan trail, there are wild camping spots in the reserve (just not in the Feynan area). Typically these spots are accessed with a supply truck for those who are on an escorted hike.