Top 10 Glamping Sites for Luxury Camping in Wadi Rum

This list of luxury camps in Wadi Rum desert will ensure your camping experience is unforgettable! Camping in Wadi Rum immerses you in the natural beauty and culture of this stunning desert landscape. Located in southern Jordan, Wadi Rum is famous for its towering sandstone cliffs, red dunes, and ancient rock formations that date back millions of years. Many visitors opt to stay in Bedouin-style campsites, which offer a range of accommodation options, from traditional tents to luxurious bubble domes.

By night, you can sit around and marvel at the bright stars that light up the desert sky. During the day, you can explore the rugged terrain by camel or jeep, taking in the breathtaking vistas and learning about the history and traditions of the local Bedouin people. Wadi Rum offers a unique and unforgettable camping experience that you won’t soon forget. These Wadi Rum glamping sites offer the best bubble tents, glamping amenities, and unforgettable moments in the desert.


Luxury Camp Wadi Rum - Hasan Zawaideh Camp

Glamping at Hasan Zawaideh Camp

Hasan Zawaideh Camp has been around for 5 years and has been adding and improving ever since its first glamping tents were built. It offers Domed Martian tents at a great price. The Martian tent has their own bathroom and shower. They also offer a luxury tent, which is almost like a house rather than a tent. They have locking doors and bathrooms.

This Wadi Rum luxury camp is ideal because it is just a few minutes by car to the Visitor’s center. If you have your own car you can drive right to the camp. If you do not have a car, staff at the camp will pick you up from the Visitor’s center. They also have wifi on site. Breakfast is included in the communal dining area when camping at Hasan Zawaideh Camp. Make sure to also inquire about dinner as they are known for excellent food and cook traditional bedouin zarb (underground BBQ) that you must try while in Wadi Rum!

Hasan Zawaideh Camp is a very popular camp in Wadi Rum because its prices are rarely beaten!

Wadi Rum Luxury Glamping at Sun City camp.

Sun City Camp

Sun City Camp is one of the most well-known camps in Wadi Rum and one of the first luxury camping spots in Wadi Rum. It is so well known it is often sold out months in advance as tour groups, especially like their location! They were one of the first camps in Wadi Rum to bring the domed Martian tents.

Sun City Camp is another camp that you can drive to for your overnight stay, which is nice if you have your own rental car. Because this camp offers an unforgettable experience, you should book it well in advance. It is one of the best bedouin camps in Wadi Rum for a reason! It includes buffet breakfast and dinner and you can book your Wadi Rum jeep tour onsite.

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp bubble tent.

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp offers inflated bubbles like some of the other glamping tents in Wadi Rum. It really is a Mars experience on Earth. In these tents, you can fall asleep watching the stars, wake up in the middle of the night to see the moon, and see the blue sky and desert mountains in the morning. This glamping design is one of the few in Wadi Rum that allows you to be lying on the bed and watching the sky. The other glamping style Wadi Rum domes only have the front view. The buffet dinner and breakfast are high standard at Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp.

Jordan Desert Luxury Camping with Hot Tub Jacuzzi

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

If luxury camps in Wadi Rum can be given five stars, Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel would be one of those places. Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel is one of the best luxury camps that books up well in advance, so if you want to stay here, make sure to base your dates around its availability. Imagine looking up at the stars from the comfort of your own bed, knowing you are in the middle of the desert. Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel offers air-conditioned bubbles that have epic views. With a seating area, you can enjoy as well as privacy in a sleeping area. This is one of the best camps with hot tubs on the deck.

If you are looking for a luxury glamping experience in Wadi Rum and want something very unique, this is a great option for you.

Wadi Rum - Cave Camp Glamping at Captain's Camp

Captains Desert Camp

Captain’s Desert Camp – Captain’s Camp is another popular options for Wadi Rum luxury camping should be booked well in advance! It is well known and has been welcoming guests for over 10 years and are very well established in Wadi Rum.

While most of the accommodations in this Bedouin campsite are deluxe rather than luxury, Captain’s camp does have something that other camps do not, a luxury cave complete with a skylite! Check it out (and choose the option tent to look at the photos)

Memories Aicha Luxury Wadi Rum Camping

Memories Aicha Luxury Wadi Rump Camp

Memories Aicha takes a luxury camp in Wadi Rum to another level. First, this camp has distributed the martian domes and tents to resemble a little space colony in the middle of Mars. The domes feature a metallic exterior, which enhances the outer space atmosphere even more. The decoration inside the domes is truly exquisite, evoking Islamic architecture in every detail. 

This is one of the best luxury camps because their decor is over the top. Visitors will find elaborate furniture, radiant colors, symmetrical silhouettes, and rich patterns. The domes also feature a private deck and a transparent roof to watch thousands of stars at night right from the comfort of your bed. 

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp also offers luxury tents, which can accommodate three guests and come with a living room. The tents come with en-suite bathrooms, showers, and air conditioning.

Wadi Rum glamping in bubble tent in desert.

Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel

Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel is a Wadi Rum glamping experience to remember. It is located in a secluded part of the desert and offers great service and excellent food. Martain tents have air conditioning and heating and offer the glamping dome experience complete with en-suite bathroom and shower.

zeina desert lodge luxury apartment in wadi rum

Zeina Desert Lodge

Consider Zeina Desert Lodge for your glamping experience in Wadi Rum. This Wadi Rum bedouin camp has a unique setup unlike any other camp. The accommodations, particularly the bubbles, are of the highest quality. Spacious and well-equipped with a fridge/water heater and a comfortable bed, each bubble boasts a private terrace with an expansive view, especially during sunrise. Zeina is unique as it offers an apartment-style accommodation for those who want it. They still capture the essence of camping but bring glamping in a unique experience. These are perfect for families!

The culinary experience is superb, featuring a variety of traditional Jordanian dishes available day and night. Additionally, they accommodate special dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and halal options upon request.

Luxury Rum Magic Camp

This camp is well known for its fun atmosphere and often hosts dancing in the evenings. This is one of the best places in Wadi Rum for a fun atmosphere and an authentic experience with locals. Whether you want traditional music under a communal tent or dancing under the stars, Luxury Rum Magic is for you. This camp is well established and you can drive to it. If you are arriving by bus, it is not too far from the Wadi Rum visitors centre and the camp will arrange to pick you up.

This is one of the best Wadi Rum luxury camps for many reasons. From the deck of your tent you can watch camels go by or walk to the nearby cliffs to see the sunset. In the morning, awake to beautiful mountain views. All of the luxury domes face outward to enjoy the views. This camp also sells beer on-site, so no need to pack alcohol from Aqaba or Amman. Their staff is friendly and their food is always good! Book your sun rise camel ride here if you want to watch the magic of the desert in the morning.

Wadi Rum Magic Luxury Camp glamping domes

Regardless of which of these luxury camps you choose, you are bound to have a great time in Wadi Rum. All of these camps offer a private bathroom as well as jeep tours. Typically if you book the accommodation you can contact them (what’s app is best) to arrange the tours you want to do!

Before your trip to the Valley of the Moon be sure to check out tips for Wadi Rum weather as well as the best time to visit Wadi Rum. I also have a guide to Wadi Rum that will give you everything you need to know while in the desert.

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