Amman to Dead Sea Guide (2024): Car, Bus, Taxi, Day Tour

Getting from Amman to the Dead Sea is not too complicated, as there are limited options on how to do it. Whether you are planning on going to the Dead Sea from Amman as a day trip or as part of a one-way itinerary through Jordan, it is all highway driving (once you are out of Amman).

Amman to the Dead Sea distance is only about 45 minutes by car, but unfortunately for visitors, there are no reliable and frequent public transit options. But do not worry, I have been to the Dead Sea several times while in Jordan. In my guide to getting to the Dead Sea, you will find options for getting there by car, bus and private transfers. I rent a car, but there are other ways to do it.

Lindsay Guide from Amman to the Dead Sea

How to Get from Amman to the Dead Sea

So I wanted to start with why the Dead Sea is so popular for those who are starting their research. It is one of the top things to do in Jordan. It offers more than ticking off a bucket list and taking a salty dip as a curious tourist. The air has a higher oxygen concentration in this area and its mineral-rich properties bring people from all over the world who are suffering from various types of skin diseases and rheumatism. SOme visit and stay for quite awhile. Most tourists however, come and explore the salty shores, take a dip, enjoy a resort and then move on on their travels.

Amman to the Dead Sea by Rental Car

My suggested method for visiting the Dead Sea from Amman is to rent a car and drive yourself there. A rental car in Jordan is about 25-30JD per day (depending on the car size etc) and once you are out of downtown Amman, it is highway driving from the 7th Circle in Amman to the Dead Sea. There are various checkpoints on the way, and as a visitor, I have never had more than a glance at my Canadian passport (and my kids in the back) and been waved through to continue.  I suggest that if you have time, to spend a night at one of the many Dead Sea Hotels so you can enjoy a dip, then enjoy the amenities of the resort as well before returning to Amman or continuing on your Jordan self-drive itinerary!

But if you only have time for an Amman to Dead Sea day trip, it is only about 45 minutes by car and you can easily visit for a few hours and then drive back to Amman the same day! It is also the perfect way to start or end an entire itinerary in Jordan.

Get more info on renting a car in Jordan.

Jordan - Dead Sea

Amman to Dead Sea Taxi

It is possible to hire a taxi to take you for an Amman to Dead Sea day trip. You can also take a one-way fare, but it would probably be easier to negotiate to hire the driver for the day and then you have a ride back to Amman after you have finished visiting the Dead Sea. They might even be able to stop at a few souvenir shops outside of the hotel strip where you can purchase Dead Sea mud, as well as a lot of other souvenirs from Jordan.

It is very difficult to get a taxi out of the Dead Sea area unless arranged in advance, so I highly suggest you negotiate a round-trip fare if you choose this route. Prices can vary but expect about JD75 for a day rate.

Private Driver

Similar to a taxi, you can hire a driver for the day to take you to the Dead Sea. I have been stopped on the street and offered cards from drivers, but your hotel can help you find something suitable most likely. Similar to taxi’s expect about JD75 for a day rate.

Here is an example of a private driver you can book online.

Amman to Dead Sea Day Trips

If you are not comfortable renting a car to drive to the Dead Sea, this would be the second option I would suggest. You can prebook a day tour from Amman to the Dead Sea and you will probably get more bang for your buck if you do a Madaba, Mount Nebo, Dead Sea tour.

Check out Tour Options:

Madaba, Nebo and Dead Sea Private Tour: This tour gives you entrance to Dead Sea Beach, as well as a visit to Mount Nebo and Madaba in a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Amman and Dead Sea Tour: This tour offers a driving tour through Amman including a visit to the Amman Citadel and the markets. The tour then makes its way to the Dead Sea. It does not include entrance fees however so expect to pay entrance fees to the Amman Citadel and a private beach at the Dead Sea.

Madaba and Dead Sea Tour: This one includes a visit to Madaba and Saint George’s Church, as well as Mount Nebo, the baptism site and the Dead Sea. It does not include any entrance fees.

Visiting the Dead Sea as a stop on an Organized Tour

I love tours. I am not afraid to say it. All I have to do is choose a destination and let someone figure out all of the logistics for me! If you are like me and like this kind of travel, then a visit to the Dead Sea is likely on your itinerary! You will not have to worry about the logistics of getting there as your tour will likely include a day pass in one of the resorts where you can enjoy the amenities of the resort (like the pools etc) after you have experienced the Dead Sea!

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Amman to Dead Sea Bus

It is often hard to remember that Jordan is still an emerging tourism market. While it seems like a no-brainer that there would be busses around the country, moving tourists by bus has not developed much. Recently JETT has made mention of a dailly bus from Amman to the Dead Sea. However, I have not seen recent options to book this online. You can inquire at JETT when you are in Jordan.

There is an Amman to Dead Sea local mini-bus service for those wanting a local option or are on a backpacker budget. While I find this a bit of a hassle, you can take a bus from Mujaharin Station in downtown Amman to Rame and then taxi to wherever you wish to go at the Dead Sea. It is best to know a few words of Arabic if you plan on using local transportation in Jordan as each time I have hopped on one, the driver has not spoken any English! This is your cheapest option for a bus from Amman to the Dead Sea.

JETT bus flyer in Jordan
This poster lists an Amman – Dead Sea – Amman trip. But check JETT’s website and things often change.

Overwhelmed with Planning a trip to Jordan?

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Step into Jordan Guide and Itinerary Preview of Cover

Where to Stay at the Dead Sea

Each of these hotels is located on the Dead Sea and has frontage at the beach. Many other hotels offer shuttles to the beach. If you want to be able to walk from your hotel room to float at the Dead Sea, choose one of these hotels! Many also offer day rates to use the pools and the beach. It is impossible to book online but you can call the hotels in advance to ask about the day rate. If you want my suggestion, spend a night at the Dead Sea Spa.  By the time you pay for beach access for the day, you could book a room for the night for just a few extra dollars.

JORDAN - Dead Sea Spa Hotel Kids Pool Area
The Dead Sea Spa Hotel is perfect for families. They have a toddler pool and a large water slide. But do not worry if you do not have kids, they have a couple of other pools and plenty of lounge areas away from the kids pools

Dead Sea Spa is the most economical choice for a nice hotel on the beach.

Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea offers luxurious infinity pools and modern rooms.

Dead Sea Beaches and Resorts

Marriott Dead Sea is one of the most expensive places to stay, but the property is stunning.

Hilton Dead Sea Resort and Spa is popular for loyal Hilton members.

Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort and Spa often offers rates that are close to that of Dead Sea Spa but you get that little bit of extra 5* service. It offers a luxurious feel and modern rooms. It also caters to families.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is also one of the most beautiful properties on the Dead Sea.

Ramada Resort Dead Sea is an economical option at the Dead Sea, but it is not located on the beach. It is a nice hotel, rated as a 4 star.

Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea is one of the most economical options to stay at the Dead Sea.

Read more details on each of these hotels and more on my post about the Best Dead Sea Hotels

Jordan - Dead Sea Beaches
Dinner with a view of the Dead Sea

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I have soaked in the salty water several times and have put together a list of Dead Sea tips that you will want to read. You can also read What is the Dead Sea to get more information on what makes it so special.

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