Jordan to Egypt Ferry [Includes Booking Details]

Visitors to the Middle East are often looking for information on how to travel from Jordan to Egypt. If you are one of these travellers, you are in the right place. I have taken this ferry and have written everything you need to know about travelling on the Jordan to Egypt ferry.

While air travel in and out of countries is usually organized and quite easy (as well as similar from country to country), traveling by ferry can be more chaotic but also more hurry up and wait. I found that there are several queues and several times I had to present my passport and have my luggage scanned. Pack your patience when traveling by boat from Jordan to Egypt.

Ferry from Jordan to Egypt

Travelling from Jordan to Egypt by Ferry is quite easy, but not always painless and probably more expensive than you might think. Ferries take tourists from Jordan to Egypt or Egypt to Jordan across the Gulf of Aqaba, daily. Certain vessels also move cargo, vehicles, and Jordanians or Egyptians who might be traveling for work or a vacation themselves.


Here are a few things you will need to know about taking a ferry from Jordan to Egypt (or the other way around):

  • There are two main ports in Egypt on the Red Sea, Nuweiba and Taba in Egypt, and Aqaba in Jordan. That is the first thing you need to know. If you are in Sharm el Sheikh, you will need to travel to Nuweiba by car. It takes about 2 hours. 
  • There are not a lot of ferry companies to choose from, AB Maritime is the company that manages the ferries that run from Jordan to Egypt and back. You can book the ferry online.
  • Israeli Passports stamps (or cards or declarations of visiting Israel) are not a problem for visiting Egypt from Jordan.
  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry into Egypt.
Aqaba Taba Ferry Jordan to Egypt

How to Travel from Jordan to Egypt

AB Maritime is the company that runs the vessels across the Gulf of Aqaba between the two countries. You can read their most recent timetables.

Aqaba / Nuweiba

Aqaba to Nuweiba runs daily at 10pm (arrival 2:30am)BOOK HERE

Nuweiba to Aqaba for those returning to Jordan runs daily at 12pm (arrival 4:30 pm) BOOK HERE

*** These are subject to change and my ferry was over an hour late

Aqaba / Taba

Aqaba to Taba runs Tuesday, Thursday, Friday leaves at 10:00am (arrives 11:00am)

Taba to Aqaba  runs Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday leaves at 1:30pm (arrives 2:30pm)

*** these are subject to change DAILY and my ferry into Taba was on time but our return ferry left 3 hours after the scheduled time (but the agents had informed us of the time the night before)

I have a complete post on the crossing from Aqaba to Taba.

Prices of the Egypt / Jordan Ferries

The ferry price for one way from Aqaba – Nuweiba is around USD100

Round Trip price Aqaba – Nuweiba – Aqaba is a bit cheaper when purchased together.

Ferries to Taba are sold as round trip only

Aqaba – Taba – Aqaba USD90

Taba – Aqaba – Taba USD90

These prices do not include Jordan Exit tax (mentioned in next section)

Leaving Jordan

When leaving Jordan in Aqaba by ferry, you will need to go through exit customs and pay JD10 departure tax. Your luggage will be scanned (customs is usually looking for illegal exports such as antiquities).

Entering Egypt

On arrival at the port, you will have your luggage scanned (again) as well as a metal detector (a VERY sensitive one, take off all jewelry, belts etc) before the customs agent. There is only one booth and one queue for the whole boat. If you are visiting in the hot months, ensure you have something to cover your head and some water, as it can be upwards of an hour before your passport is stamped and you can leave the port.

What you need to know about Egyptian Visas When Arriving from Jordan By Ferry

On Arrival in Egypt, you will be given a free visa, but it has conditions. It is ONLY valid for the Sinai region (Taba / Nuweiba / Sharm el Sheikh / Dahab etc). You can see the differences in the photos below.

Free Visa in Taba for Sinai
This is the stamp for the Sinai region (Taba, Nuweiba, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab). If you plan to visit places outside of Sinai, you will need to purchase a regular visa (see below). But if your holiday plans are just in the Sinai, you will be granted 15 day stay without purchasing a visa.
Egypt Visa Stamp USD25
This is the regular Visa Stamp. Cost is USD25 and needs to be bought before customs. Inform customs that you want to purchase a visa to visit Cairo or you will likely face problems leaving the Sinai region.
This Visa stamp is free and is for travel in the Sinai region (Aqaba Coast) including Taba, Nuweiba, Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab region

Buying Tickets in Aqaba

You can book your tickets online in advance. There is also a ferry office in Aqaba.