How to Get From Amman to Jerash [2024]

When you are planning your trip to Jordan, you probably know you want to visit Petra. But I also suggest a day trip to Jerash! Jerash is skipped by many visitors to Jordan but it is well worth a visit and can be done in half a day! It lies just an hour north of Amman by car and offers visitors a glimpse into an ancient Roman city, better preserved than anywhere else in the world (except Rome itself). One of the best parts of Jerash is that you will likely have the entire city to yourself! Unlike Ephesus and other Roman ruins, Jerash is almost always quite empty!

Visiting Jerash is one of the top day trips from Amman that I often recommend to visitors. There are a few ways to get from Amman to Jerash. If you have a rental car, it is a no-brainer. Hop into the car and you are there in an hour. If you do not have a car, there are local busses, tours, and taxi’s that will take you.

Amman to Jerash

How Far is it from Amman to Jerash?

Jerash is about an hour by car from Amman and a lot closer than other sites in the Kingdom. It is mostly winding highways until you get into the city itself and quite an easy drive (if you like to drive). If you want to take a day tour, those are common also. Most are private departures so keep that in mind. I usually suggest visiting Jerash after breakfast in Amman and then coming back to Amman after lunch.

Jerash - Hadrian Gate

How to Get from Amman to Jerash

Amman to Jerash Tour

If you are looking for a great day trip from Amman, look no further than a tour from Amman to Jerash. You can book a few different half day tours.

  • Amman Food Tours Half Day Jerash Tour: We created this tour to fill a gap in the day trip market. You and up to three other guests can spend the morning with our local guide as she will pick you up at your hotel in Amman and take you to Jerash and then back to Amman. It includes all entrance fees.
  • Viator Tours Full Day Jerash and More: This tour includes Jerash, Umm Qais and Ajloun and is perfect for those who want to spend the whole day exploring the northern part of Jodan. Entrance fees must be paid on top of the tour price.
  • Get Your Guide Half Day Tour of Jerash: This is another half day option where you can add on full day trip. Entrance fees must be paid on top of the cost of the tour.

Amman to Jerash by Rental Car

My suggested method for visiting Jerash from Amman is to rent a car and drive yourself there. (But I love to drive and prefer taking a car just about anywhere in the world.) A rental car in Jordan is about 25-30JD per day (depending on the car size etc) and once you are out of downtown Amman, it is highway driving throughout most of the country.

More info on renting a car in Jordan.

Amman to Jerash by Bus

There is a bus from the Northern Bus Station in Amman to Jerash. Expect to pay about JD1 for a one way fare. Busses typically sit at the bus station until they are full. There is no official Amman to Jerash bus timetable. It is also possible to pick up a bus going to Jerash from the road, but these buses seem to work in mysterious ways. No one ever knows where to stand or when they are coming, unless they are a local. I would suggest a cheap taxi to the Northern Bus Station.

Private Driver

This Tour from Viator and this Tour from Get Your Guide do not include a guide but have a driver that will pick you up from your hotel, then stop in Jerash, Ajloun and visit Ajloun Castle, and Umm Qais. It is perfect for those who do not want to drive.

If you want a private half-day tour of Jerash, check out this Private Jerash tour from Amman with our local female guide Jumana.

Amman to Jerash by Taxi

It is possible to take a taxi to Jerash from Amman. The yellow taxis can be found all over Amman and have a meter. You can choose to use the meter or negotiate a flat rate. Expect it to be about USD50 one way.

Jordan - Jerash with kids

Best Way to Get from Amman to Jerash

The best way to get to Jerash is by booking a private driver or tour. This offers the opportunity to spend the day with a local and learn a lot more about the area. My second suggestion is by rental car. The first time I went to Jerash with my kids they were 5 and 3 and we were on a tour with a guide. The second time we rented a car and explored ourselves since we knew a lot about the area already.

Jerash Travel Tips

  • The cost to visit Jerash is JD12 but it is included in the Jordan Pass if you have purchased one.
  • Get an early start to maximize your day.
  • A trip to Jerash can be done in half a day
  • Expect 1-2 hours at the site