What Adapter do You Need for Jordan? And Where to Get One!

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, you are going to have to remember to pack a travel power adapter for Jordan to enable you to use your usual devices that require power or charging.

Yes, you are likely going to need a Jordan plug adapter if you are not from the European Union. The plugs in Jordan are a bit confusing however as you will also find UK type plugs and European plugs. Some newer hotels do have the universal plug but I always suggest a universal adapter to make sure you are prepared for whatever outlets you may find! Sometimes the new universal plugs have tamper-resistant security features which make it difficult to get some types of plugs to plug in.

What adapter do I need for Jordan.

For those who are up to speed with the names of these plugs, it is often known as a type C. However you will also find type H which is a three-pin, similar to the Europe 2 pin but just a tiny bit farther apart that sometimes the European 2 pin will not fit!

If you want to get yourself one that will work in most places in the world, you can grab this popular universal adapter. I like that it offers USB inputs but it does not have the USB-C for us apple users so make sure you have a charging block packed as well.

Another thing to consider is a small power strip depending on how much you need to charge. This means you only need one outlet and can plug in all of your devices. I like this power strip because it has USB and USC-C inputs so I can leave all of my charger blocks at home!

What adapter do I need for Jordan
Jordan uses a mix of UK Style and European Style plugs

FAQ about Jordan Plug Types

Do European plugs work in Jordan? Is the plug socket in Jordan the same as Europe?

For the most part yes, the 2 pin outlet is the most common. However, you will find the UK plug type also. For this reason I suggest you have a universal adapter so you are ready for any plugs you come across. If you are also traveling to other countries in the area, (especially Israel plugs), you will want to be prepared.

Do UK Plugs work in Jordan

The United Kingdom uses the type G three-prong 230V plug. You will find some type G sockets in Jordan but it really just depends who did the electrical work.

Do American plugs work in Jordan?

No, you will not be able to use type A and type B (the typical 2 and three-prong plugs used in North America) in Jordan. You will need to get an adapter for Jordan like this one.

Can I charge my phone in Jordan?

Absolutely! The biggest issue is going to be having the right plug to plug into the wall. Get yourself a Jordan power adapter like this one that offers a USB plug for phones and other electronic devices.

What else should I Pack for Jordan?

I have a few articles on things to pack for Jordan. Start with this post on the typical Jordan dress code. It is full of tips on what to wear. Then check out what to pack for Jordan that covers more than just clothes!

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