What to Wear in Jordan for All Seasons : Packing Tips for Women, Men and Kids

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, what to wear in Jordan is sure to be on your mind. Especially if it is your first visit to the Middle East. Although there is no “dress-code” in Jordan, there are some cultural norms that you should follow when you visit a conservative country.

This post has everything from what to wear in Jordan in December to what to wear in Jordan in July. Jordan has 4 definite seasons, and you need to make sure that your wardrobe matches the climate!

Climate in Jordan

The weather in Jordan can be vastly different, even in such a small country. It has 4 distinct bio-geographical zones, and while you might get away with a t-shirt in Aqaba in winter, you are going to need to winter coat when visiting Petra. If you look at the charts below, the high elevation of Amman and Petra mean that the weather can be very cool in the winter months.

Amman Weather

MonthAverage HighAverage Low
January54°F / 12°C38°F / 3°C
February57°F / 14°C40°F / 4°C
March63°F / 17°C44°F / 6°C
April73°F / 23°C50°F / 10°C
May81°F / 27°C57°F / 14°C
June87°F / 30°C63°F / 17°C
July89°F / 32°C67°F / 19°C
August89°F / 32°C67°F / 19°C
September86°F / 26°C63°F / 17°C
October79°F / 26°C57°F / 14°C
November67°F / 19°C47°F / 9°C
December57°F / 14°C41°F / 5°C

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Aqaba Weather

MonthAverage HighAverage Low
January70°F / 21°C50°F / 10°C
February74°F / 23°C52°F / 11°C
March80°F / 27°C58°F / 14°C
April89°F / 31°C65°F / 18°C
May97°F / 36°C71°F / 22°C
June102°F / 39°C76°F / 25°C
July105°F / 40°C80°F / 26°C
August104°F / 40°C80°F / 27°C
September99°F / 37°C76°F / 25°C
October92°F / 33°C70°F / 21°C
November81°F / 27°C60°F / 16°C
December73°F / 23°C52°F / 11°C

Petra Weather

MonthAverage HighAverage Low
January59°F / 15°C37°F / 3°C
February62°F / 17°C39°F / 4°C
March69°F / 21°C44°F / 7°C
April79°F / 26°C52°F / 11°C
May87°F / 30°C58°F / 15°C
June93°F / 34°C63°F / 17°C
July96°F / 35°C67°F / 19°C
August96°F / 36°C67°F / 19°C
September92°F / 34°C63°F / 17°C
October84°F / 29°C56°F / 13°C
November71°F / 22°C46°F / 8°C
December62°F / 17°C39°F / 4°C

What to Wear in Jordan as a Woman

Typically conservative dress means shoulders covered and clothing to the knee. This is a good measure in Jordan as well. Low cut shirts should be left at home, so should the short shorts. Even in the summer, I only have one pair of shorts for hanging out at the beaches in Aqaba.

In the cooler months, it is quite easy to dress, as the cooler weather means pants and jackets, but in the hot summer sun, sometimes the thought of long pants and tshirts seems unbearable. Let me tell you, I did not personally find Jordan as hot as I thought it would be. Due to many high elevation sites, although the sun is hot, the temperature is not unbearable. Keeping hydrated and keeping the sun off your head is key to keeping cool in the hot months.

Jordan - Petra - Family Pic in March
This is early March. The shade was still cool, but the sun was warm. Layers were needed for Petra for sure!

I personally do not wear sundresses or dropped pants much at all, but you will see plenty of tourists in them. You will also sea tourists in short shorts and tank tops in places like Petra in the summer, but you would never see a local dressed that way.

When it comes to hiking, long tights or leggings are ideal, any time of year. Layers on top are perfect for cooler mornings and hot afternoons. If you have certain attire that you want to use for Instagram shots in Jordan, I suggest you pack it in your day bag, put it on for your photos, and pack it back into your bag, especially if it is not ideal for hiking, or not culturally conservative dress.

Jordan - Wadi Rum - Umm Froth Bridge
Wadi Rum in November – The sun is hot, but pants are comfortable on the back of a 4×4 Jeep Tour. Long sleeves kept the hot sun off my shoulders

Can you wear a bathing suit or bikini in Jordan?  When visiting the Dead Sea, a bikini is fine, but bring a cover-up for walking to and from the water or around a hotel pool. The same goes for Aqaba. most locals on the public beaches will be fully covered, but if you are at the pool or in the water, a bathing suit is just fine. Just cover up when walking around town.


what to wear in downtown amman
What to wear in Downtown Amman. It is a conservative area. Most men even wear long sleeves, but a few will wear t-shirts. Plan to cover up in the old downtown area.

What to Wear for Men

You will rarely see a local Jordanian wearing shorts, unless they are in Aqaba at the beach. With that being said, men can get away with shorts in Jordan. Tourists, in reality, can wear whatever they want, but if you are looking to respect the local culture, then opt for pants and tshirts in most situations. You will see plenty of tourists in the popular tourist sites wearing shorts and blending in with them is just fine also.

A scarf or hat is good for the winter months for warmth and the summer months to keep the sun off your head.

Pack a warm jacket and gloves for the winter months, November to March.

Do not forget your bathing suit for the Dead Sea and Red Sea beaches in Aqaba.


What to Wear in Jordan for Kids

Well, kids can wear whatever they want! If you want yours to fit in with the local kids in Amman, grab yourself a “Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan” black polo shirt. You will see all the kids, and a lot of adults, wearing them on the streets of Amman. In the warm months, you will see my kids in Jordan with shorts and tshirts, but that has let to quite a few scraped knees.

In the winter months we use packable down jackets, toques and gloves!

Make sure you pack sunscreen.

Jordan - Petra - March Weather What to Wear
This is Jordan in March, the weather was cloudy, but warm when the sun came out. Ensure you have comfortable shoes when packing for Petra!

Shoes to Wear in Jordan

Comfortable shoes are a must when visiting Jordan. But if you are like me and prefer sandals, comfortable sandals are just fine unless you are doing a lot of hiking. I have walked Petra in sandals just fine, but my feet were sore at the end of the day. Wearing running shoes or sturdy boots meant that after a second day of being on my feet all day, whey were not nearly as sore!

Do you need hiking boots in Jordan? In my opinion, no you dont, unless your trip is all trekking. Comfortable footwear is fine for most visitors, but if you are spending a week or two on the Jordan Trail, I would consider bringing them

My suitcase contains flip-flops for the pool and the beach, comfortable sandals that can go with jeans or dresses in the summer months and ankle boots for cooler months and a decent pair of running shoes for days in Petra and Wadi Mujib.

Jordan - Petra - Treasury What to Wear
This is Petra in July. Yes it was hot, but I wore lululemon as we hiked the trail from Little Petra to Petra. The button up cotton shirt was great for modesty and the sun kept the hot sun of my head while we hiked. You can see what locals are wearing in the background. The men with the horse have long sleeves, even in summer and the woman walking past the treasury is covered head to toe

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What to Wear in Jordan for All Seasons

What to Wear in Jordan for Men and Women