Amman Weather February: What to Expect and How to Plan

When planning a trip to Jordan in the winter, you are going to want to know about Amman weather in February. Most of Jordan experiences 4 seasons and you will want to expect winter weather in Amman in February.

But what is February weather like in Amman? Overall the average temperature is 14C during the day and lows of 4C. It is very similar to January weather, with a few extra minutes of daylight. While rarely below freezing, Amman does see snow in the winter months.

Is February a good time to visit Jordan?

If you are not looking for tropical temperatures, there is nothing wrong with visiting Jordan in February. However, it is not one of the most popular times. The best time to visit Jordan is late spring and fall.

But traveling in the off season will mean that the streets will likely have few tourists, the sites like the Amman Citadel should be empty and you can easily tick off everything on your things to do in Amman list!

Jordan - Amman Citadel Hercules Temple

What to Expect Amman Weather in February

Amman has 11 days on rain on average in February. If you are planning to visit Jordan in December, January, February and March, you should plan for cool weather and ensure you have a good waterproof jacket and a hat.

You definitely want to dress in layers. Smartwool socks and base layers are a great start.

The weather in Amman in February can be unpredictable. Flash floods can occur downtown as the many nearby hills will all send rain down into the low points in the city.

There is also a chance that the road from Amman to the Dead Sea can be closed during heavy rainfall.

When planning a trip to Jordan in February, you are going to want to plan some flexibility into your itinerary. You will not want to miss out on the bucketlist sites like Petra due to pouring rain! Make sure you keep that in mind when you are planning your February trip to Amman and beyond!

Amman - Citadel at Sunset