Best Restaurants in Aqaba and Map to Find them

Whether you are visiting Jordan’s port city of Aqaba for a few hours or a few days, there are quite a few restaurants in Aqaba to choose from. Some might disagree on the best restaurants in Aqaba but the options below will give you plenty of choices while you enjoy the sunshine, the top beaches in Jordan, and the diving.

The Northernmost tip of the Red Sea is becoming a popular destination for holiday-makers, as more airlines are flying into its International Airport and taking advantage of its Special Economic Zone status (that means that visa fees are waived for visitors and businesses here enjoy reduced taxes). More and more restaurants in Aqaba are now catering to International tourists and printing English menus ( the big restaurants always did. Those ones are big giveaways with their menu’s on the sidewalk). But the restaurants frequented by locals are making it easier to order for the non-arabic speaking visitor.

I know the first time I wandered the streets I was stuck ordering what the chef suggested in the few words that we both understood. The meal was great, but I was not able to ask what else they had and he was not able to give me more details in English of the Arabic menu that they offered. That is part of the fun of travel, navigating language barriers, but it can also be the frustrating part, when you cannot get what you want.

Best Restaurants in Aqaba

Best Restaurants in Aqaba and Map to Find them

AliBaba Restaurant

AliBaba is a popular Jordan seafood restaurant. It is well known for fresh seafood, mixed grille, and vegetarian plates. It also serves alcohol.

What to order: If you want to try the traditional Aqaba seafood dish it is called Sayiadya

How to Find it: Ali Baba restaurant is in the center of Aqaba on the main street coming into town (Which is called Al Hussien Bin Ali St). near the main roundabout.

Khubza & Seneya Restaurant

Known for traditional baked Jordanian food such as Kofta with Tahina, Kofta with Potato and Tomato, If you are not looking for a fancy restaurant but want good food, Khubza & Seneye is one to try. Order tea with mint after your meal.

How to Find It: Khubza & Seneya is next to Captain’s hotel and the weekend night market on the street running parallel to the water. There is a parking lot next to it or you can easily walk from most hotels.

Best Restaurants in Aqaba
The Kofta and Tahina from Khubza and Seneya is a popular dish to order from this popular Aqaba restaurant. They recently published an English menu to better help guests order more than their popular dishes

Romero Aqaba

Located at the Royal Yacht Club of Jordan, Romero offers fine dining and features an Italian and International Menu. Enjoy seafood and a variety of international dishes with a beautiful view of the gulf of Aqaba. Romero serves alcohol.

How to Find it: Located at Ayla Circle next to McDonalds and Aqaba Gate. Walk towards the water and the Yachts.

Bars in Aqaba

Rovers Return

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Jordan. Rovers is a popular option in Aqaba for those who are looking for a bar. it offers cheaper prices than most hotel bars and also serves food.

How to Find it: Located near Ayla Circle in the Aqaba Gate building next to McDonalds.

Best Take out Food in Aqaba

Aqaba has a small centre and there are lots of local shops that offer take out falafel, shwarma, burgers and ice creams.

These are located on a U shaped street across from the Doubletree, Mena and Captains Hotel. There are several other small hotels in this area such as Al Marsa that offer great rates and are locally owned and operated.

Prices of Take-Out Local Food in Aqaba

Shwarma sandwiches in Aqaba are generally around 1.10 JD

Falafel Sandwichs in Aqaba are generally around 1 JD

Ice Cream in Aqaba is around 1 JD per scoop

Burger, Fries and a Drink in an Aqaba take out restaurant is about 7JD

Dessert in Aqaba Ice Cream and Shisha
After 8 has a large menu but their desserts are quite good (try the dessert crepes or the ice cream). It is also a popular place to smoke shisha.

Best Place to Get Dessert In Aqaba

After 8

After 8 serves all types of food, but they serve the best dessert crepes in Aqaba. They also have an ice cream bar inside. If you are looking for a cheap Pizza, they do that too!

How to Find It: After 8 Restaurant and Cafe is located on As-Saadeh Street next to Al Marsa hotel. They have large signs and a menu on the street.

Things to Know about Restaurants in Aqaba

Not all restaurants in Aqaba serve alcohol. If you are looking for a beer or glass of wine with your dinner, take note of the ones above that do. You will also find that most restaurants in three-star hotels will not serve alcohol in their restaurants.

Prices in Aqaba are generally a little higher than local restaurants in Amman.

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