Best Restaurants in Aqaba and Map to Find them

Whether you are visiting Jordan’s port city of Aqaba for a few hours or a few days, there are quite a few restaurants in Aqaba to choose from. Some might disagree on the best restaurants in Aqaba but the options below will give you plenty of choices while you enjoy the sunshine, the top beaches … Read more

Jordanian Food

Jordanian food its known to be flavourful and fresh. With simple ingredients and plenty of history, Jordanian food offers time-honored, perfected recipes that are well loved. Most of Jordan’s food is considered to be Levantine or Eastern Mediterranean. Most of its recipes come from Syrian and Palestinian influences. The rest of the popular Jordanian foods … Read more

What is Mansaf? An Experience in Jordanian Cuisine and Culture

I visited Al-Karak for a tour of one of the largest Crusader castles in the region, Karak Castle. While the castle’s historical significance may be what brings many visitors the 140 kilometres from the capital city of Amman, Al-Karak is equally well known for serving the best “Mansaf” in Jordan. What is Mansaf? An Experience … Read more