Why You Should Take a Food Tour In Amman

When you travel to Jordan, it is full of authentic experiences. Right off the plane, if you have booked a tour, your guide will more than likely be a local Jordanian. If you are traveling independently, your car rental will have local workers, as will your hotel front desk. While Jordan does have some foreign workers, they do not typically work in tourism. When you visit Jordan, those you interact with were likely born and raised in Jordan. When you take a food tour in Amman with Amman Food Tours, not only are you getting a local who was born and raised in Amman, you are hiring an experienced female guide (names Jumana) who receives gainful employment from you.

Mansaf on Amman food tour.
Mansaf on Amman food tour. Learn how to eat it with your fingers!

When you think about travel, sometimes budget is at the top of your mind. But when you travel to emerging destinations, think about how far your dollar goes to support the local economy. This is not a cruise port where the cruise ship gets all of the money. On an Amman food tour, you are directly supporting a local.

You can book a tour online to experience a deep dive into the food culture in Amman. Start with a typical staple, manaqish, as well as a falafel sandwich. These are things that local Jordanians eat every day! Continue your tour into the fruit and veggie market, where many locals prefer to shop in the market for veggies and meat instead of grocery stores. (Yes Jordan also has grocery stores). Your tour also includes mansaf a bedouin dish that is often referred to as the national dish of Jordan. It is comparable to how many Canadian and Americans and Brits think of Turkey dinner!

Yes, it will 100%bbe cheaper to walk around Amman yourself, but think about how valuable it is to locals when you spend your money in their country.

Plus, Jumana gets rave reviews on Tripadvisor! All of her guests offer positive feedback and many experienced travelers remark that this is the best food tour they have taken in the world! If you are planning a trip to Jordan, put a tour with Amman Food Tours on your to do list in Amman!

Here are some photos of me on tour in Amman:

eating arabic ice cream in Amman
Arabic Ice Cream on Tour with Amman Food Tours
Markus on Amman Food Tour
My 8 year old on tour with tour co-founder Awad

Booking Info For Amman Food Tours:

Website: https://ammanfoodtours.com

Schedule: daily departures

Time: 5:00pm or 6:00pm (depending on the season)

Price: from $80