5 Things to Do in Amman at Night

Jordanians do not sleep early. They socialize late into the night with tea, coffee and shisha. This list of things to do in Amman at night will give you some ideas of what locals do and where they hang out, as well as some things tourists would want to see as well!

Things to do in Amman at night

Things to do in Amman At Night

Mansaf on Amman food tour.
Mansaf – Jordan’s National Dish on an evening food tour in Amman.

1. Take a Food Tour

Food tours are popular all over the world. Amman finally has walking food tours. These are ideal for curious food lovers and those who want to meet and interact with locals without feeling like they are engaging in a transactional service. If you are looking for what to do in Amman at night, take a food tour with Amman Food Tours! It is an authentic local food experience and you will leave the food tour feeling like you really got to know someone who lives and works in Amman. Your guide can also offer suggestions on where to grab a drink afterwards or a great place where locals hang out!

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2. Check our Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is one of the popular things to do in Amman at night. Whether it is enjoying tea from a roadside vendor or dinner in a local restaurant, you will find the streets full of locals, late into the night. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor dining and all kinds of restaurants! If you are looking for somewhere to get a drink, check the menu before you go in!

3. Grab Dessert at Jabri

Locals and families will go into their local Jabri location for sweet treats! They are open late and have a delicious assortment of baklava-style desserts as well as cakes and other sweets. You can get some boxed up to take home as a souvenir or buy enough just to eat outside!

Sweets in Jordan at Jabri

4. Eat at Hashem

Hashem Restaurant is the most well-known restaurant in Jordan and has been doing business for over 80 years. Despite its appearance, it will seat King Abdullah II, celebrities in town, locals, and tourists alike. You will find Hashem Restaurant in every guide book about Jordan as one of the best places to eat in Amman. It is also included in one of my suggestions for the best breakfasts in Amman.

Dining on plastic chairs, this 24 hour vegetarian restaurant serves up excellent falafel and hummus and I guarantee you will leave with a full stomach! It does have indoor seating, but literally wedged between two buildings, most of the patrons spill into the patio and enjoy their meal outdoors.

If you arrive right at dinner time, expect it to be busy with locals and a few tourists wanting to try Hashem’s well known dishes. Try and pick a non-peak hour to visit if possible.

5. Books at Cafe

Looking for a bit of Western influence. Books at Cafe offers a nightclub vibe in historic Jabal Amman. It is open until 1am. It is a place where tourists tend to congregate.