Aqaba to Taba Ferry (2024 Information)

If you are looking for information on the Aqaba to Taba ferry then this post has everything you need to know. Taba is a popular beach holiday destination for many Jordanians and Israelis due to its close proximity to the Jordan and Egypt borders.

The ferry from Jordan to Egypt is a bit of a process and after reading this post you should have everything you need to know about the Aqaba to Taba ferry and what to expect during your journey.

Aqaba to Taba Ferry: How to Travel from Jordan to Egypt by Passenger Ferry

There is more than one port in Egypt that you can travel to from Aqaba, Jordan. If you are looking for information on visiting Nuweiba from Aqaba, check out this post on Nuweiba to Aqaba by Boat.

AB Maritime is the main ferry company that provides service from Aqaba Port in Jordan to various ports in Egypt.

The Aqaba Taba Ferry runs Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 10:30 am. The Ferry crossing is one hour.

The Taba Aqaba Ferry runs Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1:30 pm. The ferry crossing back to Jordan is also one hour.

These timetables are a guide and are subject to change. When we traveled, our ferry from Taba back to Aqaba did not leave until after 3pm. There are a lot of official channels that need to approve the sailing into the Red Sea and this often leads to delays.

If you are coming from a Taba Resort and have a transfer to the port, they will keep you up to date with your journey to and from Taba from Aqaba.

Price of Aqaba to Taba Ferry

The round-trip ticket on a passenger-only ferry from Aqaba to Taba is USD115 (as of Oct 2023). Check up-to-date information here.

Aqaba Taba Ferry Jordan to Egypt
AB Maritime sells round trip tickets on the ferry from Aqaba to Taba for USD90 per person

Process of Traveling from Aqaba to Taba

Jordan Exit Customs

Leaving Jordan and entering Egypt is a bit of a process in itself. Your luggage needs to be scanned and there is a JD10 Exit tax that must be paid to customs before your departure. Ensure you have CASH to pay this. Your passport will be stamped and you will be given a receipt for your exit tax.

Before you board the boat your receipt will be taken, as will most of your ferry ticket and your passport stamp will be checked. While Jordanian passport holders get just a few glances, international passport holder’s passports tend to get passed off to several officials before being returned

Entrance into Egypt

After arrival, you will collect your bags and they will be scanned before passport control. There is just one line and everyone on the boat needs to be processed. It can be very hot, I suggest you make sure you have a hat and water in the summer months!

Most nationalities need a visa to enter Egypt, but the Sinai region is visa exempt as long as you are staying in the region less than 14 days and leaving without traveling out of the area (to Cairo for example). You will be stamped with a SINAI stamp, different from the usual entrance stamps and are required to abide by those conditions.

If you plan to visit other parts of Egypt, you should get a VISA. You will need to check to see if you can purchase a visa on arrival in Taba.

If you have booked a transfer to a neighboring resort, busses are waiting outside, as well as local tour operator representatives to help direct you where you will be going. Some resorts are close to Taba port, others are about 15 minute drive.

There is nothing else in Taba besides resorts, no small towns or stores, as those who work in the resorts live on-site or in neighboring Dahab.