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Aqaba lies at the southern tip of Jordan and is the only part of the country that touches the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba. This makes it a strategic location for trade in Jordan and beyond, as goods pass through Jordan into neighboring countries. But Aqaba’s appeal to travelers is its jewel blue dive sites, where coral and tropical fish are plentiful. Its sunny and laid-back small-town vibe makes it a contrast to Jordan’s capital city, Amman.

Aqaba’s year-round warm climate makes it a popular destination for holiday-makers who wish to enjoy the beach. It is the base to explore Jordan’s Golden Triangle, due to its location near Wadi Rum and Petra. Aqaba’s International Airport is just 10 minutes from the city and is serviced by more and more international airlines.

Aqaba’s location makes it a great stopover on a journey taking travellers into Israel, Palestine or Egypt. From Aqaba it is quite easy to travel by ferry into Nuweiba or Taba in Egypt, or by land into Israel. There is also a land crossing to Saudia Arabia.

Aqaba receives several cruise ships every year, with visitors keen to explore Petra or Wadi Rum on their short visit to the Kingdom of Jordan.

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Weather and Climate in Aqaba

Aqaba’s climate is warm through most of the year with cooler winter days and very hot summer days. It is ideal for holiday makers who are looking for some beach time and as a base to explore Jordan’s wonders of Petra and Wadi Rum.

MonthAverage HighAverage Low
January70°F / 21°C50°F / 10°C
February74°F / 23°C52°F / 11°C
March80°F / 27°C58°F / 14°C
April89°F / 31°C65°F / 18°C
May97°F / 36°C71°F / 22°C
June102°F / 39°C76°F / 25°C
July105°F / 40°C80°F / 26°C
August104°F / 40°C80°F / 27°C
September99°F / 37°C76°F / 25°C
October92°F / 33°C70°F / 21°C
November81°F / 27°C60°F / 16°C
December73°F / 23°C52°F / 11°C

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