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Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is a relatively young city, but with a history that goes back thousands of years. It is a comfortable start to any Middle East experience, with a blend of old a new, where traditional coffee shops bump shoulders with modern highrises and shopping malls. It provides any visitor the complete Middle East experience, with the call to prayer echoing off building several times a day, mouth-watering food, and sincere hospitality.

Amman is the start to many visitors’ trip to Jordan, with Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) welcoming several international flights each day, many from Europe, and Asia, but also non-stop flights from North America as well. A visit to Amman is not complete without exploring the Amman Citadel atop Jebal Al-Qal’a, where you will find the remains of Hercules temple, the Umayyad Palace and Byzantine church.

Even if history does not interest you, the Amman citals offers panoramic 360 degree views of the sprawling city where limestone washed white buildings cover almost every square space of land.

Practical Amman Visitor Information

Weather In Amman

Amman has four distinct seasons, with hot and dry weather from May to October and cool breezes from November to April. On occasion, Amman will see snow in the winter and spring can bring rain and flash flooding to the country’s capital.

MonthAverage HighAverage Low
January54°F / 12°C38°F / 3°C
February57°F / 14°C40°F / 4°C
March63°F / 17°C44°F / 6°C
April73°F / 23°C50°F / 10°C
May81°F / 27°C57°F / 14°C
June87°F / 30°C63°F / 17°C
July89°F / 32°C67°F / 19°C
August89°F / 32°C67°F / 19°C
September86°F / 26°C63°F / 17°C
October79°F / 26°C57°F / 14°C
November67°F / 19°C47°F / 9°C
December57°F / 14°C41°F / 5°C

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Restaurants in Amman

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