2 days in Jordan

While only having 2 days in Jordan means there is not much time to explore, there are still things to do on a quick visit to the country. If you have an extended layover, or work trip or are stopping in between a visit to a nearby country, you will find options below to fill those two days. While I have never been on such a brief visit, I’ve been to Jordan a dozen times on trips as short as 5 days and as long as 6 weeks.

Below you will find various 2 days Jordan trip ideas to get the most of your time in Jordan!

Three Options for 2 days in Jordan

The options you see below include a 2 day itinerary that starts and ends in Amman, a 2 day itinerary that starts and ends in Aqaba, and a 2 day itinerary that starts in Amman and ends in Aqaba.

Option A: Staying in Amman

This two-day trip has you staying in Amman for your overnights. With a short time in the country, do not worry, you will still have time to enjoy some of the country’s jewels!

Day 1: Explore Jerash and Amman

I am going to pack a lot into your day here, and you are welcome to follow it as you wish. You do not have much time, so get up early, enjoy a morning breakfast at the hotel, and then head out to Jerash, by 9am.

If you have a car, you can drive in about an hour. If you do not have a car you are going to have to take a private car or a bus. Expect to spend 2 hours in Jerash and leave at 12. You will be back in Amman around 1pm

Amman is a huge city and there is a lot to see and do in a day! In Amman, visit the Amman Citadel and the Roman Theatre. The citadel offers stunning views in all directions. The Amman Citadel and Roman Theatre give a good sense of the occupation and history of Amman.

Expect to spend a few hours at the Citadel and Theatre before exploring more of Amman. The next thing you will want to do is explore the downtown area. Rainbow Street and the Old Downtown area offer plenty of cute restaurants and cafe’s to sit and people-watch, as well as enjoy great food!

If you want to get a deep dive into the food culture in Amman, consider booking an evening food tour with Amman Food Tours. You will get a great introduction to Amman’s food scene as well as insight from a local guide.

If you are not exhausted, you can check out these things to do in Amman at Night.

Overnight in Amman

More useful information for Day 1:

Day 2: Day Trip from Amman

Day 2 is going to get you from Amman to Petra by bus and then back to Amman at the end of the day. You are going to want to book a ticket in advance for the round trip bus (details here). Since you have such limited time, you will not want to be disappointed with a sold-out bus.

The bus leaves early, 6:30am from the Abdali Station. It returns back to Amman at 4 pm. You can also book a private driver for one day to get you from Amman to Petra and back again also.

Overnight in Amman or head to the airport for late night departure.

Option B: Arrive into Aqaba

Those arriving in Aqaba have the opportunity to visit Wadi Rum and Petra in a significantly shorter amount of time. It is only an hour to Jordan’s desert and just under 2 hours from Aqaba to Petra. On arrival you are going to head straight to Petra and spend the night there.

Check out the best hotels near Petra site entrance.

Day 1: Petra and Wadi Rum

Get up early in the morning and visit Petra. After lunch head to Wadi Rum and enjoy a sunset Jeep tour or camel ride before spending the night in the desert. Check out the best bedouin tents in Wadi Rum.

Day 2: Aqaba

Aqaba offers the chance to get out on the Red Sea. After breakfast in Wadi Rum, head to Aqaba. Book a boat trip to snorkel or dive off the coast. If you prefer to stay on land, there are beach clubs and plenty of resorts to stay in.

End with a late night departure or overnight in Aqaba before departure.

Option C: Amman to Aqaba

The benefit of a 1 way itinerary into Amman and out of Aqaba (either by plane, boat or overland) means no backtracking! Arrive in Amman and overnight. This itinerary is best done with a rental car.

Day 1: Amman City, Kerak to Petra

Get up early and explore downtown Amman. Visit the Amman Citadel and Roman Theatre. Enjoy a meal at Hashem or another local Amman restaurant. After lunch, head to Petra. You can stop at Karak castle on the way.

Overnight in Petra. Check out these top hotels in Petra. Consider Petra by Night.

Day 2: Petra and Wadi Rum

Get up early and explore Petra. After lunch head to Wadi Rum (just under an hour by car). and take a sunset jeep tour or camel ride. Overnight in Wadi Rum or Aqaba.