Best Hotels in Aqaba: Something for All Budgets (2023)

Aqaba is perched on the tip of the Red Sea and has become much easier to get to thanks to various airlines flying right into the International Airport in the city. There are plenty of hotels in Aqaba from budget accommodations to five-star beach resorts. Whether you are wanting to enjoy the luxuries of a beach vacation or are looking to do some diving, you will find the best hotels in Aqaba to stay in in this post.

Aqaba is the perfect base for a trip to Jordan because of its year-round warm climate, its access to Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan’s desert, its underwater marine life just offshore, and its beach resort options. While some people just stop in for a few hours en route back to Amman or somewhere else in Jordan, if you are reading this post I am assuming you are at least planning to spend one night at a hotel in Aqaba.

First I will tell you a few things. Aqaba is a holiday destination for both Jordanians and foreigners. During public holidays, Jordanians flock south on their days off to enjoy some time in Aqaba with their families (especially in the spring and fall – in the summer it is pretty hot!). So keeping that in mind, the city does cater to both locals and foreigners. There are tons of accommodation options for all budgets, as well as restaurants where you can eat for a few dollars or ten times that amount.

Best Hotels in Aqaba Jordan

Best 5-Star Hotels in Aqaba

Kempinski Aqaba

Widely acknowledged as Aqaba’s premier hotel and indisputably the city’s most upscale accommodation, this well-deserving 5-star resort graces the beach in the heart of Aqaba’s most exclusive district. Exhibiting a contemporary design, the Kempinski Aqaba boasts all the amenities expected of a top-tier resort—impeccable service, a stunning private beach, an impressive pool, three restaurants, and a state-of-the-art health club. Presently, the Kempinski Hotel Aqaba stands apart from its competitors, both in terms of price and quality, earning praise from global visitors.

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Movenpick Aqaba (City Centre)

Movenpick Aqaba is a five star resort and located right in the heart of Aqaba. It is one of the Aqaba hotels with private beachfront right in the middle of the city. There is even a swimming pool perched overtop of the road in Aqaba!

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Movenpick Tala Bay

Movenpick Tala Bay is also a five-star resort but it is located in nearby Tala Bay. If you want to be out of the city and really feel the resort life, consider booking this, or any of the other beachfront hotels in Tala Bay. With that being said, it is a 15 minute drive into Aqaba from Tala Bay. Most hotels offer car and shuttle services if you are visiting without a car. 

Read my review of Movenpick Tala Bay when we stayed with kids!

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Hyatt Ayla

Hyatt Ayla is just 2 minutes by taxi from downtown Aqaba. Located in Ayla, a purpose-built community inside Aqaba it offers several pools and a lagoon-style private beach club to enjoy sandy shores and the red sea. 

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Cloud 7 Ayla

Cloud 7 Ayla is perfect for families looking for a residence-style accommodation. It is right in the marina village of Ayla (just 2 minutes by Taxi from downtown Aqaba) and has full kitchens and living rooms. These condo style accommodations are perfect for families wanting a little more space and even come with washing machines in the rooms! Just outside the residences at cloud 7 there are restaurants and bars and beautiful views.

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Intercontinental Aqaba

The Intercontinental Resort Aqaba, also holds a prestigious 5-star status, and it distinguishes itself with a more classical design and a slightly less exclusive ambiance. Despite this, it provides comparable facilities to the Kempinski, often available at a reservation cost 30% or more below that of the Kempinski. The resort features four restaurants, including one of Jordan’s renowned Lebanese-style establishments.

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Best Midrange Hotels in Aqaba

DoubleTree Aqaba

DoubleTree Aqaba is centrally located close to shopping and restaurants. 

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My Luxury Hotel

My Luxury Hotel is a midrange hotel that recently had a brand new renovation. It is centrally located and has a pool. It is well known as the city’s top budget-friendly accommodations. As a straightforward three-star hotel, it provides a well-located option for visitors interested in exploring the city’s markets, restaurants, and beaches. While offering basic amenities, My Hotel ensures good value accommodation, making it an excellent choice as a home base for those looking to explore Aqaba and the surrounding region.

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Best Budget Hotel

Al Marsa

The best budget hotel in Aqaba is called Al Marsa. It has a great location (it is quite close to DoubleTree). It is right near all of the restaurants and just a few minutes walk to the shopping areas and the beach. This hotel is not bookable online. That is how they keep rates low. It has clean beds and wifi in the rooms.