How to Book a Photoshoot in Amman Jordan

Amman is beautiful at any time of the year. It is the perfect place to capture vacation memories or update family photos. If you are not an Amman local, it can be difficult to find a local photographer on your holiday. Also, if you are like me, you want to do something but do not even know where to begin! By the time you finish this post you will have tips on the best locations for an Amman photoshoot as well as how to book a local Jordan photographer.

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Book a photoshoot on holiday in Amman Jordan.

Tip 1: Capture those Memories!

So often it seems like a photoshoot is a lot of work! Especially if you have kids! But let me tell you, I have NEVER regretted booking a photographer, whether on vacation in Amman for family photos, or local photoshoots at home! Now that I have done this, I suggest it as one of the perfect things to do in Amman with kids!

Kids seem to change in a flash. Once toddlers and preschoolers, now towering above our heads and teenagers before our eyes!

One of the reasons it is perfect to book a photographer from Flytograher is because they have all of the insider secrets. While chatting, it is easy to ask where the best places to eat may be located, or other local secrets about Amman that only locals know! It really gives you a personal connection to a local while in Jordan.

Tip 2: Book a Local Amman Photographer Online

Want to take the hassle out of searching for a photographer? I have done the work for you. Check out this site that lists local photographers and their rates and styles! It makes it so easy, especially if you are traveling in from out of town!

You can also use the code LINDSAY at checkout and you will get $25 off your photoshoot! I have personally used this site to book photos and it has been wonderful!

Tip 3: Choose a Location

If you have already booked your photographer from the link above, this is going to be even easier! They will know the best locations based on the time of year and the time of day to get great photos! No one knows the best instagram spots in Amman better than a local photographer!

Tip 4: Work on the Wardrobe

This one, it is best to reach out to your photographer. They know the lighting, the background and what colors are going to work best! Also, take into consideration the time of year! It is cold in Jordan in the winter! If you already have formal outfits planned, For those who may be looking for family photos or a couples photoshoot, then your photographer is your best bet!

Tip 5: Know Local Customs

Should you tip your Amman Photographer?

Tips for services are customary in Amman. Consider a cash tip for your photographer after your shoot.

How long should I book?

30 minutes is enough for a portrait style shoot or couple photos. If you have kids like me and do not want to rush, consider a longer session.

Why are vacation photos important?

Things change so fast and if you have kids, you are going to want to capture your kids in Jordan. In 10 years you will be so happy to have these memories of your time in Jordan! If you are a photographer yourself, you know its tough to get in front of the camera. If you will want to have great photo memories, whether you want to share on Instagram or just for yourself, this is the best way to get pro quality photos on vacation!

Conservative dress

Consider more conservative outfits, avoiding short shorts or crop tops for women. It is much more culturally appropriate. Summer outfits are fine, just leave the beachwear to the beaches in Jordan!

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