Top Beaches in Jordan From the Dead Sea to the Red Sea

While Jordan is likely better known for its out-of-this-world desert landscapes and the Red Rose city of Petra, it does offer visitors beach resorts at both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, both of which are among the best things to do in Jordan.

While there are only a few beaches in Jordan, they do offer stunning coastlines, world-class diving, five star resorts and of course, an opportunity to float at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea.

Top Beaches in Jordan From the Dead Sea to the Red Sea

You will find Jordan’s beaches in the south of the country where it touches the Red Sea and on its Western border with Israel where the Dead Sea is located. Below you will find the best beaches in Jordan divided by location.

Jordan - Dead Sea

Dead Sea Beaches

Amman Beach Dead Sea

Amman Beach is a private beach offering change rooms, showers, access to the Dead Sea, swimming pools and a lunch buffet. It is officially known as Amman Beach Tourism Resort Restaurant and Pools. Often tour groups will come here to experience the Dead Sea. This is probably the cheapest way to enjoy the beach with facilities to change and shower. As you arrive to the Dead Sea area, continue past the hotels and you will arrive at Amman Beach just a few kilometers down the road.

If you are looking for information on how to get to the Dead Sea from Amman, here are your transportation options. If you are coming from Aqaba, here is information on how to get to the Dead Sea from Aqaba.

Jordan - Dead Sea - Amman Beach Resort
Amman Beach pool area overlooking the Dead Sea
Jordan - Dead Sea Sunset
Sunset at the Dead Sea from Amman Beach. The beaches are closed just before sunset so plan accordingly.

Dead Sea Hotels Beaches and Places to Stay at the Dead Sea

Each of these hotels are located on the Dead Sea and have frontage at the beach. Many other hotels offer shuttles to the beach. If you want to be able to walk from your hotel room to float at the Dead Sea, choose one of these hotels! Many also offer day rates to use the pools and the beach. It is impossible to book online but you can call the hotels in advance to ask about the day rate. If you want my suggestion, spend a night at the Dead Sea Spa.  By the time you pay for beach access for the day, you could book a room for the night for just a few extra dollars.

JORDAN - Dead Sea Spa Hotel Kids Pool Area
The Dead Sea Spa Hotel is perfect for families. They have a toddler pool and a large water slide. But do not worry if you do not have kids, they have a couple other pools and plenty of lounge areas away from the kids pools

Dead Sea Spa is the most economical choice for a nice hotel on the beach. The pools are nice, the staff is friendly and the rooms are good. They have a small waterpark for kids and a larger waterslide, perfect if you are traveling with a family. The Dead Sea Spa has a good chunk of beach access with mud for guests. There are showers right by the Dead Sea to shower off or get water or mud out of your eyes (trust me it stings) and there are a few pools for swimming and lounging. They have evening entertainment on the outside deck and guests can opt for a breakfast only room, or breakfast and dinner options.


Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea offers luxurious infinity pools and modern rooms. It boasts 20 acres of gardens and a massive spa. It has 9 restaurants and bars and features wifi inside and outside. It offers beach access to float at the Dead Sea as well as a kids club. It offers packages with breakfast and breakfast and dinner.


Dead Sea Beaches and Resorts

Marriott Dead Sea is one of the most expensive places to stay, but the property is stunning. It offers high end luxuries and a beautifully manicured property. It is located on the Dead Sea with beach access for floating.


Hilton Dead Sea Resort and Spa is popular for loyal Hilton members. It offers luxurious, modern rooms, multiple bars, two swimming pools, private beach access and a fitness centre.  Rooms can be booked with breakfast only or breakfast and dinner. If you choose the Hilton, you will not regret the upscale atmosphere. There is also a kids club for those traveling with kids. This gives mom and dad a break or time to float at the Dead Sea, as few kids enjoy the experience.


Jordan - Dead Sea Beaches
Dinner with a view of the Dead Sea

Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort and Spa often offers rates that are close to that of Dead Sea Spa but you get that little bit of extra 5* service. It offers a luxurious feel and modern rooms. It also caters to families.


Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is also one of the most beautiful properties on the Dead Sea. Its pools offer ultimate relaxation and views of the Dead Sea below. It is exceptionally clean and staff are friendly. It offers beach access for guests to float.


Ramada Resort Dead Sea is an economical option at the Dead Sea, but it is not located on the beach. It is a nice hotel, rated as a 4 star. It has two pools, one of which is heated in the winter. There is a shuttle that will take you to a private beach that runs all day. You can also walk if you do not mind. If you are visiting on a budget, this is probably your best option, but compare it to the other 4 star properties.


Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea is one of the most economical options to stay at the Dead Sea. The one downside to this hotel is that it is located across the street from the Dead Sea so it does not have direct beach access. For the price, I personally think you are better off with the Dead Sea Spa.


I do have a post dedicated to the best hotels at the Dead Sea. You can read more details on where to stay by clicking the link

Jordan Beaches - Dead Sea Infinity Pool
If you are looking for luxury, you will find it at the Dead Sea. Choose between Movenpick, Mariott or Kempinski for the ultimate experience

Dead Sea Public Beach Jordan

While this is not the best beach at the Dead Sea, I wanted to include it for people who want information on free access to the Dead Sea. Right after you pass the police checkpoint at the Dead Sea there are parking lots on the water side. You can access the water from there. There are no washrooms or showers. You can also access the beach near the Wadi Mujib visitors center. You will see a roadside stand and a few cars parked on the road. Locals will climb down the hill into the Dead Sea below.

A note on accessing the Dead Sea. You will see plenty of Instagram photos with beautiful white shores. The hotel beach access do not offer these salt formations and they are found around the coast. Most of them are quite dangerous to access due to sink holes and unpredictable landscapes. Ensure you know what you are doing if you plan to venture out.

What to Expect at the Dead Sea

While many hotels have sunshades and beach chairs near the water’s edge, the best lounging is often right in the water, and then up at the hotel pool! It is often very hot at the Dead Sea, especially in the summer months. It is always hotter at the Dead Sea than in Amman

You will notice that the water’s edge is often a few hundred meters from some of the hotels. This is due to its rapid decline in size. Estimates have the Dead Sea drying up in as little as two years!

Some hotels offer buckets of mud to slather on yourself. Other locations may require you to purchase the mud.

The Dead Sea can sting. Women, avoid shaving the day before you visit and be aware that cuts and scratches can sting in the salty waters. Many kids do not enjoy the water as they often have cuts or are quite sensitive.

Read more about Dos and Dont’s at the Dead Sea  and my guide full of Dead Sea Tips.

Honorable Mention and a Must See! Wadi Mujib

Although there are “beaches” along the Wadi Mujib creek, I hesitate to call it one of the best Jordan beaches, although it is one of the best adventure activities in Jordan! If you are visiting between May and October and are up for an epic adventure, ensure you visit Wadi Mujib!

Jordan - Wadi Mujib Canyon

Red Sea Beaches

Berenice Beach, Aqaba

Berenice Beach in Aqaba is the most popular day-use facility with private beach access on the Red Sea, swimming pools and lunch options. It is one of the top Jordan beaches. They offer a morning pickup from Aqaba hotels and return guests back to their hotel in the afternoon. Most hotels in town that do not have beach access will be able to sell you tickets for Berenice Beach.

Tala Bay Resort Beaches

The most well-maintained beaches in Jordan are the private beaches at the Tala Bay resorts. The most popular places in stay in Tala Bay with beach frontage are Movenpick Tala Bay, and the Grand Tala Bay Resort. These offer the ultimate in luxury, some of the best beaches in Jordan and all of the resort amenities you can ask for. Tala Bay is about 15 minutes drive from the main center of Aqaba.

Red Sea Resorts Jordan
This is the board walk path at Movenpick Tala Bay. It offers sandy beach access, plenty of seating and water activities. The best Jordan beaches can be found on the Tala Bay resorts


Aqaba Public Beaches

Aqaba beaches can be accessed right in town. There are boating activities and locals will enjoy an evening picnic at the beach. Most women who swim will likely swim fully covered so keep that in mind. While it is perfectly fine to swim in a bathing suit, consider covering up on the beach with a swim cover up.

Another free beach option is South Beach. It offers boating activities but requires driving. It is about 15 minutes from the main town center towards the Saudia Arabia border past Tala Bay. It makes a great place for a picnic. As mentioned above, bring a swim cover up for when you are not in the water.

If you want to stay close to town to be able to leave your resort and walk into town, I highly suggest the Intercontinantal Aqaba. It is 10 minutes’ walk to town and offers private beach access.

Overwhelmed with Planning a trip to Jordan?

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As you are planning a visit to one of Jordan’s beaches keep these things in mind:

  • Jordan is a modest country clothing-wise, while swimsuits at the pool and the beach are fine, you should have a modest coverup for to and from the beach. In a pinch, a towel works too. You will see plenty of women covered head to toe as they enjoy the public beaches, especially in Aqaba.
  • A lot of the beach at the Dead Sea is sharp salt and pebbles. Have shoes or sandals you can wear to the water’s edge. Some parts of the beach in Amman are also pebbles.
  • The sun can be strong even in the winter months, ensure you pack sunscreen and a hat when visiting Jordan anytime of year!

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Top Beaches in Jordan Red Sea and Dead Sea
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