Last Minute Tips for your Upcoming Trip

Since you are about to take your trip to Jordan, I wanted to quickly provide a few last minute tips. I am constantly being asked questions about whether or not to buy the Jordan pass, how to get to Jerusalem and back as well as where to get a sim card. I have compiled the popular last minute questions below!

Last Minute Tips for Jordan

Have you Booked your Rental Car

Rental cars can be slim during public holidays in Jordan. Also in the busy seasons, many people end up scrambling looking for a decent-priced rental car while in Jordan. I suggest you read this post about rental cars in Jordan and book your car as soon as you have your dates set!

Things You May be Forgetting to Pack

Here are some things you may not have thought about packing.

  1. A winter coat and warm layers. Jordan gets a real winter between December and March. There is often even frost and snow. Make sure you pack a warm jacket and layers. Even into April and May, spring weather can be cool on some days. And in November we are already wearing coats at night! We always pack wool base layers because they are thin and can be worn day after day! Smartwool is my favorite brand for wool base layers. I find it makes such a difference to wear wool to stay warm (and even cool in the hot weather)
  2. Universal Adapter. Jordan has a mix of all kinds of electrical plugs. Some newer renovated hotels have universal plugs but you will likely want to make sure you have an inexpensive Universal Travel Adapter. They also have multiple USB inputs so you can bring one base and charge all of your devices!
  3. A Battery Pack. I personally carry this one as it gets at least a few charges of my phone and other devices. It is amazing how quikcly the phone battery will drain when you are taking photos and videos of your travels!
  4. Chap Stick and Lotion. Jordan is very dry. If you are not used to the dry climate you will likley find your lips and hands get dry quickly. Pack a small bottle of lotion and chap stick in your bags!

Read my entire packing list for Jordan for more packing tips!

Should You Buy the Jordan Pass

Questions swirl in Facebook groups about information on the Jordan Pass. Here are the details.

The Jordan Pass includes entry to 40 sites. In addition to Petra (1, 2 or 3 SEQUENTIAL days), it includes access to other World Heritage Sites in Jordan including Wadi Rum, and Qasr Amra. It also includes entry to the Amman Citadel and the Roman Theatre in Amman. Visitors can also visit Kerak Castle, Shobak Castle, and Aqaba Castle.

The Jordan Pass also WAIVES the JD40 visa fees that most nationalities have to pay on arrival into Jordan. Note a few things here. The Jordan Pass is NOT a visa. It just gets you a visa for free (if you are eligible for visa on arrival). There are conditions you must meet in order to get the visa fees waived (basically you must stay in Jordan for a minimum of three nights). They are offering you a bit of a deal in order to spend some time (and money) in their country. You can find all of the details on the Jordan Pass here.

If you are arriving in Aqaba (the South of Jordan) by land, air, or water, the visa fee is already free. It is a special economic zone and those who can get visas on arrival do not have to pay the visa fees at this port of entry. This may mean you are not saving any money with the Jordan Pass, so price it out yourself and see if it is worth it!

How to get an E-Sim for Jordan

E-sim cards have exploded in popularity. They are affordable, short-term, and can be set up in just 5 minutes! They do not require going to a phone store and spending time getting a sim card registered. You can buy them online in just a few clicks before you even get to Jordan.

If you have an e-sim-compatible phone, get this one. It is less than $10 to get a data package for your time in Jordan! It can be topped up in seconds from your phone and is easy to understand!

For more information see Jordan sim cards.