Jordan Packing List

Are you wondering what to put on your Jordan packing list? If so, you are in the right place! Whatever month you plan to visit, whether spring, fall, summer or winter, this Jordan packing list will have you covered!

Jordan is a welcoming and friendly place. To be honest you “can” wear whatever you want without getting into any trouble. However, since Jordan is welcoming you to their country as a guest, I suggest you stick with the local cultural norms and wear moderately conservative clothing. If Jordan will be your first visit to the Middle East, or to a Muslim country, there will definitely be some cultural norms and expectations you will want to prepare for.

As I prepared for my first trip to Jordan in the fall of 2016 I read countless posts on what to pack. I had no idea what it would be like traveling in Jordan, how hot it was going to be (yes it is hot, and COLD depending on when you go) and what I should or should not wear (can you wear tight jeans, YES; should you cover your hair, NO).

Most packing lists I have found are seasonal in nature, and what to pack for Jordan is no different. Weather-wise, November through February packing necessities are quite different than things to pack for Jordan in say June or July.

I have packed and traveled in Jordan in almost every month and have experienced winter in Jordan as well as summer in Jordan. With this packing list for Jordan in hand, you will not have to worry about packing the wrong types of clothes and will be prepared for the weather, whatever the season.

Jordan Packing List

Jordan Packing List

Packing your Bags

Before we get into the wardrobe and packing essentials, choose your luggage with care! Are you able to carry your rolling suitcase on and off curbs with ease, load and unload it into vehicles and navigate cobblestones or uneven pavement?

Are you able to carry your backpack with ease, or is it too heavy for your back and causes discomfort. Before you leave on your trip to Jordan, these are two considerations on what to actually put your clothing in, before we even get to the clothing and essentials!

I personally do not like backpacks, and use rolling suitcases whereever I go. I also do not pack light and do not like to stuff everything into a small bag. If you are like me, you are going to want a full size suitcase. Be warned however, that sidewalks are uneven and most hotels have stairs in the entrance. You will need to be able to carry your suitcase if need be. With that being said, all hotels have porters etc and are hapy to bring your luggage to your room.

If you hate having to deal with wheels and prefer to have your hands free, then traveling with a travel backpack might be better for you.

The Perfect Daypack for Jordan

While showing up with a backpack is just fine, if you want to look like a local, your daypack would be a plastic bag. I am not joking. Plastic bags are still unfortunaly prolific in the kingdom and pretty much everything gets carried in them.

I personally carry a backpack for hiking days and a stylish camera bag for my non-hiking days. Think about what you want to bring with you. Pick something comfortable, something that fits the tech you plan to carry (camera, battery pack, are you bringing a laptop to Jordan?), and something that fits under an airplane seat if you are using it as a carry on.

Option 1: Stylish for women, functional, and safety features – PacSafe Women’s CitySafe

Option 2: Stylish for women, functional, good for camera gear, durable (I used this bag everyday for over 2 years and love it) – Jo Totes Camera Bag

Option 3: Unisex Backpack that is collapsable – Portable Daypack

Carry On Luggage

Carry on luggage presents the same issues as those mentioned above. If you pack a rolling carryon, can you manage it over curbs and uneven pavement (especially if you already have a rolling suitcase). I personally make sure I only have one thing with wheels.

If you are the same, consider a travel pack or a shoulder bag or something that easily fits over your suitcase handle.

Keeping it all organized

Packing Cubes

While ziplock bags have been my go-to in the past, once I discovered packing cubes I have not traveled without them. I can get an entire kid’s wardrobe into one large packing cube and it makes organizing my suitcase a breeze! I have different colored cubes for each person and then another cube for accessories.

Toiletries are in a handy toiletries bag (you will see more about my favorite one below) and then the shoes and other miscellaneous items are packed around those.

Passport Pouch

If you are the kind of person who likes having your passport on your body at all times, invest in a passport pouch. You can get either the neck one or the waist pack.

The big thing about passport pouches is the idea is to NOT go into it when you are out and about. Put your cash for the day in a wallet. If you are flying and know you need your passport, keep it handy.

When you go into your passport pouch in public, you are just showing would-be-theieves that you have valuables under your clothing.

Watch with the waist passport pouch that they do tend to get sweaty if you are in a hot place. You DO NOT want your passport getting wet.

Personally when I am traveling in Jordan I keep it in my daybag with me.

Toiletries Packing List for Jordan

While you can get pretty much what you might have forgotten, if you are on a quick trip, the last thing you want to do is find toothpaste on your vacation. This list of toiletries to pack for Jordan will make sure you do not forget the essentials, or the comforts!

Toiletries Bag

Whether you prefer one toiletry bag or a few small ones the choice is up to you. Try and stay away from bulky ones and get one like this that is only a few inches tall. Since toiletry bags usually go in last, if you have a bulky one, you are going to have a hard time fitting it into your suitcase. If you like the one I linked above, you can also find it on amazon here

Toiletries for Women

Chap Stick (and lotion if you have dry skin) – Let me tell you, I do NOT have dry skin, but Jordan and much of the Middle East has a dry climate that many are not used to. Bring a good lip balm (I always travel with this one and you can get it on amazon here too) and your lips will thank you! Unless you are staying in five-star hotels, do not expect much in the way of bathroom amenities, so if you like a good body lotion, bring your own. There are great travel sizes here.

Shampoo and Conditioner – If you are not picky, feel free to stick with the hotel options, but I have found in the Middle East, the toiletries are severely lacking unless you are staying five-star. And even some of those have those lovely “conditioning shampoos.” If you are picky on your products, best to bring them along. Also if you want to contribute to using less plastic on vacation, avoid those toiletries in the hotel altogether. I have recently bought a shampoo bar (but still stick with my regular conditioner.) If you want to reduce your plastic consumption, you can check out a cute trial size here.

If you need small containers for your shampoo and conditioner, try these ones. They also work for sunscreen and hand sanitizer!

Dry Shampoo – I do not go anywhere without dry shampoo as I have oily hair. If you are doing multi-day hikes or have some early mornings or late nights in your itinerary, you might want to add dry shampoo to your packing list

Hairbrush / Comb and Hair Elastics – Make sure your toiletries bag has everything you need for your hair. If you like to use heat protectants or other products at home, make sure you pack those too (ideally in a travel size).

Hair Straightener / Curling Wand / Hair Dryer – While I rarely pack a hairdryer, if you are picky about it, you might want to bring your own as you may run into a situation where you do not have one while in Egypt. You can even get travel-sized hairdryers and straighteners. Double-check that you get a dual voltage.

Sunglasses – A staple wherever you go, pack your sunglasses for Jordan. While winter weather can be grey, when the sun comes out, you will be happy to have your sunglasses to pop on. Spring, summer and fall you will want to have them in your daybag for sure!

Sunscreen – I recommend the lotion style sunscreen because skin gets so dry in Jordan for most people, but any sunscreen will do!

Kleenex or Wipes – Toilet paper is often not provided in washrooms. I have found even hotel lobbys are often void of toilet paper. Bring your own small pack of kleenex or wipes for the road stops, places like Petra, and Wadi Rum.

Most washrooms will have an attendant who will offer toilet paper to wipe and to dry your hands for a tip of about half a dinar or one dinar. They are responsible for keeping the washroom clean and providing the toilet paper etc.

Hand Sanitizer – Two years ago this was a suggestion, now it something almost all of us carry daily, not just when we travel.

Tampons / Menstrual Cups – Tampons are almost impossible to find in Jordan. I have only ever seen one option in Amman. Bring your own from home or try a menstrual cup.

Shoes to Pack for Jordan

Jordan is also an active travel destination. Almost everyday you will find yourself walking, and some days, walking A LOT. Comfortable shoes are one of the most important things you are going to pack. Comfortable shoes is different for everyone, you know yourself best and pack accordingly.

For those who are worried about being too hot in shoes (for those coming May to September), wearing sandals is just fine. I have walked Petra in sandals just fine, but now prefer running shoes. For those who want sturdy ankle support for uneven stairs, wear your hiking boots or hiking shoes. If you plan on trekking for multiple days, your feel will liekly thank you for choosing trekking shoes.

If fashion is important, you know you will pick the shoes that complement your outfit. Just be warned that COMFORT is super important as you will spend a lot of time on your feet in Jordan.

Typically in my suitcase I will have a pair of flip flops for the pool / Dead Sea / Red Sea, running shoes/sneakers, ankle boots (fall, winter, spring), hiking sandals (summer). I have packed hiking boots

Pack in Layers for Jordan

Spring and fall see big temperature swings. Summer will even feel cool at night after the heat of the day. For some it will be a welcome relief, and for others, a light sweater will be needed. Winter can be very cold, base layers and packable jackets will give you layers to wear and shed depending on the day or where you are in Jordan.

Jordan Packing List for Women Example in Amman.
Here is a great example of summer clothing in Jordan – linen pants and a loose shirt. I love the dolman style shirts that are loose and comfortable. They are perfect for most seasons and what I almost always pack for Jordan.

Women’s Packing List for Jordan

When it comes to traveling in Jordan (and the rest of the Middle East) as a women, it can be hard to know what to pack. I know as I packed my bags the first time, I was so unsure about what to wear. I was worried about being to hot, I was worried about being comfortable and also respectful.

Now that I have packed for the Middle East over half a dozen times, I am pretty comfortable with the things to pack as a woman.

Jordanians overall welcome tourists into the country with open arms. While most of the country is muslim and dress according to cultural norms, there is a Christian minority, who do not have the same type of cultural dress codes, but still dress modestly compared to Western Christians.

Even in the hot summer months, most women will be in long sleeves and long pants; some wear headscarves, some do not. Amman and Aqaba see the most western-styled locals, while Petra is full of western dressed tourists.

Short shorts or dressed and tank tops are pretty much the only thing you want to stay away from. Again here is where the layers come on. On my first trip to Jordan it was September and I was admitadly, very hot. I wore a tank top base layer and a button up long sleeve shirt – and just tossed it on every time we got out of the van.

  • t shirts
  • long sleeve shirts (winter)
  • button up shirts
  • shorts
  • linen pants
  • leggings
  • jeans
  • socks
  • underwear
  • bra
  • PJs
  • maxi dress
  • light sweater (summer)
  • warm sweaters (spring, fall and winter)
  • base layer (winter)
  • winter jacket (winter)
  • toque (late fall, winter, early spring)
  • gloves (winter)
  • belt
  • swimsuit
  • swim coverup
  • rash guard

Some Real Life Examples of Outfits in Jordan and the Middle East

Wadi Rum - Summer
I love this linen romper for travel. It was perfect for summer in Jordan when in Aqaba. I was able to wear a button up shirt as an additional layer when needed as well.
T shirts and Jeans are typically my go-to. Tight jeans are fine to wear. You will notice that most local women wearing tight jeans typically have a long shirt over their jeans.
Iraq - Mosul - Photo with Security Forces
Here is an example from Iraq – Comfortable shoes, jeans and a tshirt.
Iraq - Babylon with Saddam Hussein's Palace in Background
Here is another example from Iraq – Jeans and Tshirt and the kimono worked for modesty, style and I also used it while at the beach as a swim coverup! I love useful pieces like that!

Mens Packing List for Jordan

Jordanians overall welcome tourists into the country with open arms. They are friendly and welcoming and will probably not comment on anything you choose to wear. With that being said, men in Jordan wear long pants or trousers all year long. Some Jordanians believe wearing shorts is disrespectful. Even in the summer months they would never be seen on the street in shorts unless they are on vacation (like at the beach in Aqaba).

Tank top and muscle shirts are classified as undershirts in Jordan. When you are planning your packing, if this is something you typically wear, pack yourself one for your time at the beach, but pack tshirts for your day to day clothing.

Also keep in mind that walking around topless as a man is completely unacceptable, no matter how hot it is. Men will remove their shirts to swim sure, but never walk on the street or go running without a shirt on.

  • t shirts
  • long sleeve shirts (winter)
  • button up shirts
  • shorts
  • linen / breathable pants
  • jeans
  • socks
  • underwear
  • PJs
  • light sweater (summer)
  • warm sweaters (spring, fall and winter)
  • base layer (winter)
  • winter jacket (winter)
  • toque (late fall, winter, early spring)
  • gloves (winter)
  • belt
  • swimsuit
  • rash guard

Other Practical Things to Pack for Jordan


I always travel with a headlamp and it is great if camping in Wadi Rum or Petra. My kids also loved using them at Karak castle to peer into the dark rooms.

Electric Convertor

Jordanian hotels have an assortment of plugs and adapters. An inexpensive Universal Travel Adapter is another must for Jordan. You will find an assortment of 220V plugs, from European 2 pin, another style of 2 pin and UK Plugs. While European 2 pin is most common, it is best to carry one of these adapters with you so you can deal with whatever Jordan plug you come across! With a handy USB input, you do not need to bring your plugs from home. 


Whether a baseball cap or a wide brimmed sunhat, bring something to keep the sun off your head while in Jordan.

Battery Pack

I personally carry this one as it gets at least a few charges of my phone and other devices. Y

Microfibre Travel Towel

If space is a premium in your suitcase of backpack, make sure you grab a microfibre travel towel. Not only do they dry really fast, they take up much less space in your suitcase. Some camps in Wadi Rum and Petra do not provide towels, so it is a good idea to have one. You will also want it for the Dead Sea and for Aqaba.

Bathing Suit for the Dead Sea

Visiting the Dead Sea is likely on your itinerary when you visit Jordan. Make sure you pack a bathing suit. A bikini is fine to wear but bring a bathing suit cover to walk to and from the water and avoid walking around the hotel in a bathing suit.

Camera and Extra Battery

I do not go anywhere without my phone and my GoPro. The GoPro is small and great for wide angle shots, videos and time lapse. I can set it up for sunsets and then use it the next day for snorkeling in the Red Sea. Sometimes I also travel with my canon mirrorless camera. If you are a camera person, pack all your gear for Jordan!


I have two. One is a small one that is good for table tops. The other one is for my Canon Camera and I use it for long exposure shots when you cannot have your camera hand held. I have this one.

Grayl Water Bottle

I recommend for every traveller, not just those going to the Middle East. Some people say the water is safe to drink from the tap, others say it is not; it is not something I am going to chance. And Jordan has a HUGE garbage problem. The streets, the forests and even the desert are littered with plastic bottles. 

If you consider drinking at least 1-2 big water bottles a day while you are there, think of how much plastic that creates when every visitor and the population’s 9 million people do the same. With a Grayl, you can filter any tap water (or actually any water source) and have clean drinking water in seconds. Since most people travel with water bottles already, consider one like this with a filter so that you are not just pouring from big water bottles to small. It might sound expensive, but when you compare it to spending a few dollars per day on water while you travel (and do not forget how expensive the water is inside airports), you will pay for this very quickly.

Sleep Sheet

If you are creeped out by the prospect of clean blankets, bring yourself a sleep sheet if you are camping in Wadi Rum. I don’t ever pack one, but always wonder when the last time the blankets got washed!

What to Leave at home

  • Your drone. While insanely popular, I have the one too, but it is illegal to bring a drone into Jordan and your luggage is x-rayed at customs before you exit the airport
  • short dresses and short shorts. As a muslim country, modest dress is encouraged. You will not see anyone except a few tourists who choose to ignore the local custom wearing short dresses and shorts and tank tops
  • coffee and tea. Are you like me and travel with a few packs of instant coffee or tea bags, you can likely leave them at home. Instant coffee (mostly nescafe) is in most hotel rooms (and if not in your room, they will have it at breakfast) as well as tea options. If your hotel has a kettle, you will have coffee and tea. On the highway and during your day, there are places to get tea and coffee everywhere.
  • cigarettes. If you are a smoker, cigarettes are likely cheaper in Jordan than what you are used to paying. They are about 2JD which is about USD 3 a pack. There are lots of brands available, but if you really want your own brand, consider bringing them.
  • COMING FROM ISRAEL! YOU NEED TO READ THIS! I recently came across a situation where a tourist was coming into Jordan with a large Menorah that they had purchased as a souvenir from Israel. Although Jordan and Israel have signed a peace deal, there is still much unrest between most Middle Eastern nations and Israel, and Jewish religious symbols as well as the Star of David or Israeli Flags are not allowed to be imported into Jordan (even if you are a tourist leaving the country with them). In this tourist’s case, she had to go BACK to Israel to dispose of the menorah as the Jordanian Tourist Police would not even take it into their custody as destroying religious artifacts is forbidden. Although the tourist complied, it caused hours of delays as leaving Israel and crossing the border into Jordan can be a hassle (and a long distance covered by a bus).

What’s in my First Aid Kit

It does not matter where I am in the world, I always pack anti-diarrheal medication. You never know when you are going to need it and generally, getting to a store or chemist to find it, is not what I want to be doing when you feel terrible.

Advil and Tylenol are always in my arsenal as well. Just a few if I need them. I always have a bottle of kids tylenol as well since the kids still take a child’s dose. It is not something you want to go and find in the middle of the night.

If I am hiking with my hiking boots, I pack second skin for blisters. If you are prone to blisters, pack yourself some too. Jordan is not the place to try out new shoes. Bring ones that you know are comfortable.

When it comes to first aid, you can pack a whole first aid kit if you wish. I just personally pack the basics. However, there are a few off the beaten path places like Feynan Eco-Lodge or in a camp in Wadi Rum that you cannot get to a store easily. Other than that, Amman, Aqaba and Petra have chemists/pharmacies nearby.

Overwhelmed with Planning a trip to Jordan?

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