Do You Need an Adapter Plug for Israel? And Where to Find One if you Do!

Yes, you are likely going to need an adapter plug for Israel for your upcoming trip. You are going to want to get a specific adapter plug since Isreal has three types of plugs.

Israel uses 230V and 50Hz but that does not mean that typical European plugs will fit. You will find type C, type H, and type M plugs in Israel. In order to avoid any hassles, the best idea is to get an Israel adapter like this one that offers type H, type C, and type G.

If you want to get yourself one that will work in most places in the world, you can grab this popular universal adapter that offers type C (and E, F, and N) and G as well as type I and type A. It does not offer type H like the one above, but can be used in over 150 countries.

FAQ about Adapters for Israel

Is Israel Plug the Same as Europe?

Not quite. While Israel uses 230V, you will likely come across type H, type G and type C plugs. Sometimes, the two prong European plug wil fit, but other times you will want a specific adapter plug for Israel. You can get one here

Do UK Plugs work in Israel?

The United Kingdom uses the type G three-prong 230V plug. You will find some type G sockets in Israel, but you will also likely come across the type C (which is typical in Europe) as well as type H which is a three-pin, similar to the Europe 2 pin but just a tiny bit farther apart that sometimes the European 2 pin will not fit!

Do American plugs work in Israel?

No, you will not be able to use type A and type B (the typical 2 and three-prong plugs used in North America) in Israel. You will need to get an adapter for Israel like this one

Can I charge my phone in Israel?

Absolutely! the biggest issue is going to be having the right plug to plug into the wall. Get yourself and adapter plug for Israel like this one that offers a USB plug for phones and other electronic devices.

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