Top 10 Things to do in Tel Aviv at Night

If you’re planning on visiting Israel soon and are looking for some things to do in Tel Aviv at night, then search no longer as you have come to the right place. Tel Aviv is a vibrant, busy, and hustling city, and so as can be expected, Tel Aviv nightlife is no different. Besides boasting … Read more

10 Best Beaches in Israel

Fascinating and contrasting feelings and sights await those who visit Israel. Whether it is the beaches in Israle, the via Dolorosa, the Western Wall, or the Dome of the Rock, there is an indescribable feeling inside one of the holiest places in the world. A melting pot of cultures can be seen as Jews, Christians … Read more

What to Buy in Israel | The Best Souvenirs from Israel

When you are planning a trip to Israel, you do not want to forget about Israeli souvenirs. There are quite a few different things to buy in Israel, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim-related religious souvenirs or typically Mediterranean or Middle Eastern souvenirs. What to buy in Israel is going to depend on your interests and … Read more