Top 10 Things to do in Tel Aviv at Night

If you’re planning on visiting Israel soon and are looking for some things to do in Tel Aviv at night, then search no longer as you have come to the right place.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, busy, and hustling city, and so as can be expected, Tel Aviv nightlife is no different. Besides boasting several beautiful beaches, a large promenade, and a lovely port, Tel Aviv is also home to lots of spectacular restaurants and cafes, bars, and dance clubs.

Below are ten suggestions for things to do in Tel Aviv at night, let’s dive into them:

Visit a Local Bar

Bar 223, Dizengoff 223 should be your first stop. Run by world-renowned mixologist Ariel Leizgold, this is truly a place you mustn’t miss. Styled in the 1940’s, this intimate cocktail bar offers a wide range of artfully mixed alcoholic drinks, yummy nibbles, wine and beer, and is an all-time favorite with both locals and tourists.

Go for a Romantic Stroll on the Beach in Tel Aviv at Night

Grab your partner’s hand, or a pair of earphones and sneakers, and walk over to the nearest beach. If you are here during the summer months then at night is a great opportunity to enjoy the beach without the heat (or crowds). The city lights reflecting off the water together with the soothing sounds of the waves make the perfect place to relax and reflect. If you like, you can even spread a blanket and crack open a bottle of wine or have a picnic. Either way, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy.

If beaches are your thing, check out this post on the top beaches in Tel Aviv and beyond.

Tel Aviv Night life

Take a Cooking Class at Night in Tel Aviv

Much like the people that populate this corner of the middle east, Israeli cuisine is a melting pot of many different cooking styles and dishes from around the world – full of flavorful, colorful, and healthy foods. One such dish, which you may have seen grace many a restaurant breakfast menu, is ‘shakshuka.’ Shakshuka, an oven-roasted tomato-based egg dish that originates in North Africa and made its way to Israel, is now a staple of the Israeli kitchen.

This cooking class will teach you how to make this healthy, delicious, meal that is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tel Aviv Cooking Class Shakshuka
Shakshuka with eggs, tomato, and parsley is a popular meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Sarona market

One of the trendiest places in Tel-Aviv and recently reinstated, this sheltered flea market was inspired by the famous Chelsea and Borough Markets and has everything you may possibly need in one place: cafes, bars, souvenir shopping, luxurious shops and even culture. From wine sampling and cheese tasting, to lush three-course meals and flavor-bursting ice-cream, this place is truly a gem not to be missed in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

Swim in the sea

So it’s true that you can’t sunbathe, but night swimming is a great pastime that will be especially suitable for couples who want to soak up some romance. In summer, the sea water is pleasant and since the beach will be almost empty, you can enjoy an open space and forget about the crowds that visit the beach during the day.

Another option is to swim in pools that allow entry even at night. For example, at the Elite Sports Center at Tel Aviv University, you can splash in the water of the Olympic pool even after sunset.

Tel Aviv at Night Skyline

Dance the Night away at The Block Night club

This is one of the most popular dance clubs in the Tel Aviv night life scene. With several rooms and an ultra-modern sound system, it has a style sort of like Berlin (lots of German techno DJs play here), similar to Detroit yet very much Tel Aviv. Thursday nights are generally techno nights, whilst Friday nights are often gay nights, with the occasional techno party. Dance the night away!

If you are interested in taking a pub crawl, you can take this popular one while in Tel Aviv. It includes transportation, welcome drinks, and skip the line passes. It occurs daily in Tel Aviv. You should also check out this one as well.

Romantic night cruise in Jaffa

Yafo is technically considered a separate city from Tel Aviv, and it is rightly so because it boasts many beautiful authentic sites and contrasts starkly with modern, slick Tel-Aviv.

The combination of night and sea always creates a romantic atmosphere, and if you are really looking for a special experience, it is recommended that you choose to sail at night, in the light of the moon. The yacht leaves accompanied by a skipper and sails along the Jaffa coast. If you like, you can occasionally navigate the yacht and grab the steering wheel! You are in for a treat.

A night tour of the city of Tel-Aviv

What better way is there to experience the engaging history of Tel-Aviv, when the air is cool and the sights are beautiful? With a night tour, of course!

There are many night tours available in Tel-Aviv, but for instance, The Tarbush Company offers a unique adventure that gives participants the opportunity to go back in time and experience the past of the White City. The instructors are actors and comedians, dressed in traditional attire in the spirit of the first settlement period and tell about the history of the most interesting neighborhoods and areas in the city in a theatrical and entertaining way. This is a perfect way to kill a few hours.

If you are active, a night bike tour is a great way to explore.

You can also take a night tour and see the history of Jaffa here

Tel-Aviv port- “Namal Tel Aviv”

Recently reinstated and is now one of the hottest places in town. During the day, the cafes and stores at Namal Tel Aviv are used by the cities richest and trendiest to wine and dine whilst at night, Namal Tel Aviv transforms into one of Tel Aviv’s most popular nightlife vicinities. Built with a huge wooden deck which serves as a promenade, this magical, romantic location is a complete must-see at night.

Wine Tasting by Night in Old Jaffa Tour

Discover the history of Jaffa whilst sipping local wines and exploring the neighborhood’s exquisite time-worn streets.

The tour begins at the American-German colony and ends at the Jaffa flea market, where you will have your final tasting of the evening and enjoy some nibbles. This tour is offered every day of the week except Fridays and lasts for about two-three hours.

You can get more info here

Segway tour in Tel-Aviv

Tired of walking everywhere but want to continue sightseeing in exciting Tel Aviv? Give your feet a little rest and go on a Segway tour! The tour will start with a short training session and then you are ready to start your amazing adventure. As you glide through the modern vibrant city of Tel Aviv your guide will share some interesting and fascinating stories about the city and Tel Aviv in the past. A pleasant, enjoyable experience with lovely views.

Is Tel Aviv Safe at Night?

Before you go… You may be wondering as to whether Tel Aviv is safe at night. The long and short answer to this is, yes, in general, Tel Aviv is safe at night. Similar as to any other big city in any part of the world, it is best not to walk around desolate areas and not to be out until too late at night. Keeping this in mind, you should be fine. Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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