50+ Jokes about Israel and Funny Israeli Puns

If you are looking for the best Israel puns and funny Israeli jokes, well you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for inspiration for an upcoming trip to Israel, or maybe you have just visited Israel and want some funny jokes for your Instagram captions, well you will find them below!

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20 Best Israel Puns and Funny Jokes

What is the best way to defend yourself in Israel?
There was an American senator that was sent to Israel to examine its government.
Once he returned, he said, "I didn't like their politics, but their army Israeli nice."
What did the chemist think of Israel?
He believed in a two state solution.

How do you know when an orange comes from Israel? When it’s tangy and Hasidic.

Dave and Joe are browsing a Jerusalem dating site.
Dave sees the girl of his dreams and asks Joe, “I can’t believe my eyes, is this girl real?"
Joe pats his buddy Dave on the back, “Yea bud, she Isreal.

My friend thought that Jerusalem was imaginary. I had to tell him that Israel

In a Jerusalem restaurant, a waitress asks a customer, “How’s everything tasting?” And the customer answers… “Isreali good, thank you.”

My friend started a java joint run by himself in Tel Aviv… It’s called HeBrews Coffee!

What is Israel’s #1 Internet search provider? NetanYAHOO

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Israeli, who?
Israeli hot out here; open the door!
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Israel who?
Israel nice to meet you!

A car hit an Israeli man. The paramedic says, “Are you comfortable?” The man says, “Eh, I make a good living.”

El Al Security Woman: “Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?”   
Shloimey: “Listen, if it was without my knowledge, how should I know?”

When I was a boy, the Dead Sea was only sick. -George Burns

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Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock
Dome stop believing.

Israel Puns for Travel Captions

Just fall-ing in love with this city (perfect for any autumn travel)

I love this place a ge-lot-o

Beach you to it! (for your time at the many beaches in Israel)

Dome stop believing.

It’s impossible to ruin this view!

Hoping souvenir shopping at this market will spice up the kitchen!

Another sun bites the dust.

We don’t have a set itinerary, we are just going to wing it.

We Audi here!

Keep palm and carry on

Girls just wanna have sun!

I need vitamin sea!

Did you hear about the couple getting ready for a day in the desert? They were dunesday preppers!

What did the camel say to the Oasis? I’ll never desert you

What does a camel use to hide itself? “Camel”flauge



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