What to Buy in the West Bank: Top Souvenirs from Palestine

When traveling to the West Bank keep an eye out for popular souvenirs to buy. If you are wondering what to buy in the West Bank, this post has ideas to help you. Whether big or small, there are ideas for every type of traveller.

I used to send home postcards, until one from Jordan took 9 months to arrive, but at least it showed up right? I now buy a small flag from each country I visit, as well as something unique to the region! You will be able to find both of these things to buy in the West Bank during your visit to the Palestinian Territory.

What to Buy in the West Bank: Top Souvenirs from Palestine

Ramallah Stars and Bucks
in Ramallah you can find Stars and Bucks and pick up one of their popular mugs

Stars and Bucks Cup

You will not find a Starbucks in the West Bank, but you will find a Stars and Bucks. If you are a lover of coffee, grab yourself a coffee cup as a memento of your visit to the West Bank. If you visit one while in Ramallah, you will find that the store looks strikingly familiar to the US based coffee giant, and offers a similar atmosphere.

Want to know what to buy in the West Bank, a Stars and Bucks cup is the perfect souvenir for the coffee lover in your life!

What to buy in the West Bank souvenirs
From beautiful nativity scenes to small ornaments, there is plenty of selection when it comes to olive wood carvings in the West Bank.

Olive Wood Carvings

One of the most popular things to buy in Bethlehem to take home as a souvenir is an olive wood carving. Made by local Palestinian craftsman, these intricate carvings are made from the trimmings of the olive trees, something that is so important to the people of Palestine. Olive Trees are something that you plant for the future, and it would be a shame to destroy them to make art. But rest assured that they need annual pruning to keep the health of the plant, as well as to produce better crops. Instead of lying to rot, these olive wood branches are dried and carved into popular Bethlehem souvenirs.

Locally carved, these ornate Olive Wood Christian stories are a great souvenir from the West Bank.

West Bank Pottery Souvenirs
Pottery has been made since biblical times in this part of the world


Pottery has been made in Palestine for centuries. Known for high quality craftmanship, you can find beautiful pieces in Bethlehem, whether a typical Christian theme or an ornate mosaic. These pieces make great souvenirs from Bethlehem.

Ornate pottery can be found all over Palestine. Its vivid colors and intricate designs make it one of the suggestions of things to buy in the West Bank

Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea products are available to buy all over the West Bank. If you had the opportunity to visit the lowest point on earth and loved the mineral-rich mud and thick waters, you can pick up soaps, lotions and muds at most souvenir shops all over the West Bank and in Jordan and Israel as well.

What to buy in the West Bank
A selection of scarf colors. Any one of these make a great souvenir from the West Bank


The Black and White scarf is known as the Palestinian scarf, but only because of its formal dress. It doesn’t matter if you see an Arab man wearing a black and white, or red and white (which is typically thought of to be Jordanian on account of the Jordanian formal dress), or green and black, they are a staple in the wardrobe of many men living in the West Bank. Scarves are a popular souvenir from the West Bank as they are portable and functional.

Visit Palestine Posters

You will find posters available at all of the souvenir shops in the West Bank. They are a nice easy thing to bring home with you to display on your wall at home.

What to buy in the West Bank falafel
Do not leave the West Bank without trying falafel at least once!


The delicious oval-shaped falafel is one of the things you should buy in the West Bank when you are looking for a snack. Whether just falafel, or a falafel sandwich, each shop claims to have the best.

What to Buy in the West Bank Final Thoughts

Supporting a struggling economy is one of the reasons I like to shop for souvenirs. I like to look for products that are helping the local economy (especially if you can find things that are locally made) as the economic benefits spread when you choose to spend your money here.

Tourism is a huge industry for Palestinians. 50% of those employed in Bethlehem work in an industry that supports tourism. And not just as tour guides or working in hotels or restaurants. They are creating beautiful handicrafts for people like us to bring home with us after visiting.

What to Buy in the West Bank Palestine