30+ Funny Dubai Puns to get you Laughing out Loud!

If you are looking for the best Dubai puns and funny Dubai captions, well you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for Dubai inspiration for an upcoming trip, or maybe you have just visited Dubai and want some funny Dubai jokes for your instagram captions, well you will find them below!

Funny Dubai puns.

The Best Dubai Puns for Instagram Captions

People in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones. But people in Abu Dhabi do!

What’s the difference between the people from Abu Dhabi and the People from Dubai? The people from Dubai don’t like the Flintstones and the people from Abu Dhabi do!

i have a friend who went to Dubai for vacation. I asked him … Dubai anything?

I had to return those books on Middle Eastern agricultural products. They were past the Dubai dates

What happens when you burn down a skyscraper? You may have Dubai them a new one.

What size lumber is used to build homes in Dubai? Dubai fours

People in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones. But people in Abu Dhabi do!

I started working at a grill restaurant on a skyscraper in Dubai. The steaks were high but I pulled it off

Antique shop owners in the Middle East have one rule. You break, Dubai.

Why can’t you shop in the UAE? There is nothing Dubai

A friend was talking to me about investing in property in the Middle East. 
“Dubai?” I asked
“No I can’t afford it yet!” he replied

It’s impossible to ruin this view!

This palace is a breath of fresh heir

Suite dreams

Shop up or ship out!

Hoping souvenir shopping at this market will spice up the kitchen!

Another sun bites the dust.

Being this high off the ground I feel air-mazing

We don’t have a set itinerary, we are just going to wing it.

We Audi here!

Keep palm and carry on

Girls just wanna have sun!

I need vitamin sea!

Did you hear about the couple getting ready for a day in the desert? They were dunesday preppers!

What did the camel say to the Oasis? I’ll never desert you

What does a camel use to hide itself? “Camel”flauge


Dubai Jokes

Just came back from Dubai where a sheikh offered me 30 camels for my wife. I usually smoke Marlboro but who can resist an offer like that!

In Amsterdam, you get stoned and have sex. In Dubai, you have sex and get stoned.

Why did the camel cross the road? Because there are no chickens in the desert!

What is a desert nomad’s favorite cheese? Camelbert

3 men where in a desert 1 man was holding a jug the 2nd was holding a paper bag and the last was holding a car door a man came around and asked the 1st why he had a jug he said it was his water and if he got thirsty he would take a drink. Then he asked the second why do you have a paper bag the guy said this is my packed lunch so if I get hungry I will eat my lunch. Then he asked the last man why he has a car door and he said it he got hot he would roll down the window.

Why can’t you starve in the desert? – Because of all the sand which is there.

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More Dubai Travel Resources

If Dubai is your first taste of the Middle East, it is important to research a bit more into where you are going. Always adhere and respect the country’s traditions and cultural norms. Even if they are not in line with your own. you are a guest, and throughout most of the Middle East, you will be treated with respect, but keep in mind the cultural appropriateness of your behaviour and dress.

Read about things to do in Dubai at night!

What to Wear in Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, you will see locals and residents dress modestly. The only ones you will see in short shorts are tourists. Depending on the area, dress will be a bit different. When in the hotel and at the beach, beachwear is fine. But when visiting Old Dubai, ensure you dress modestly. For women, pants and shirts with sleeves are recommended. 

Packing Tips

I have always been a guide book person and physically having that book in your hand as you plan your day, in addition to blogs like this one, can help immensely. Pick up a Lonely Planet Guide to Dubai (or the kindle version) before your trip to Dubai.

Whether you want to keep the sun off your head or want to show a little modesty, a scarf goes a long way in the Middle East any time of the year. You can bring one with you or pick up one when you arrive, but don’t leave your hotel in the morning without it! It can serve as a hat to keep the sun off your head and neck in the summer and can add some warmth in winter and can offer modesty to cover shoulders for women.

A Grayl Water Bottle is something I recommend for every traveller, not just those going to the Middle East. Some people say the water is safe to drink from the tap, others say it is not; it is not something I am going to chance. 
If you consider drinking at least 1-2 big water bottles a day while you are there, think of how much plastic that creates when every visitor and local. With a Grayl, you can filter any tap water (or actually any water source) and have clean drinking water in seconds. Since most people travel with water bottles already, consider one like this with a filter so that you are not just pouring from big water bottles to small. It might sound expensive, but when you compare it to spending a few dollars per day on water while you travel (and do not forget how expensive the water is inside airports), you will pay for this very quickly.

An inexpensive Universal Travel Adapter is another must for the UAE. You will find an assortment of 220V plugs, from European 2 pin, another style of 2 pin and UK Plugs. While European 2 pin is most common, it is best to carry one of these adapters with you. With a handy USB input, you do not need to bring your plugs from home.

Sunscreen and moisturizer are musts when visiting the Middle East. The air is very dry. Do yourself a favor and grab some of this as well. Your lips will thank you!

Dubai Puns and Jokes.