25+ Perfect Snorkeling Instagram Captions and Quotes for your Underwater Photos

Are you looking for the best snorkeling Instagram captions? This post is full of inspirational words, funny puns, undersea captions and snorkeling quotes to caption your latest photos from your vacation!

As we have traveled more and more throughout the Middle East and around the world, we have found ourselves spending more and more time in and under the water off the shores off some of the best beaches in the Middle East. especially off the shores of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel on the Red Sea. Once you have the opportunity to explore one reef, if you are anything like me, you start to crave more. The striking world under the sea has quickly become one of our favorite places to explore.

Whether you have just snorkeled the Red Sea like me or perhaps the beaches of Hawaii, you will find plenty of perfect snorkeling captions for Instagram below!

Snorkeling Instagram captions

The Best Snorkeling Instagram Captions

We snorkel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Eat. Sleep. Snorkel.

Life is a beach and then you dive.

Not all classrooms have four walls.

Happiness comes in waves!

Life looks better underwater.

Let the currents guide your heart.

The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free.

You could start now, and spend another forty years learning about the sea without running out of new things to know. – Peter Benchley

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. – Jacques Cousteau

Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home. – Sylvia Earle

Be alone with the sea for it is there you will find answers to questions you didn’t realize exist. – Khang Kijarro Nguyen

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For the rich there is therapy, for the rest there is snorkeling.

You can’t cross the ocean of life just by dreaming about it, you have to jump in and swim. – Debasish Mridha

Being out there in the ocean, God’s creation, it’s like a gift He has given us to enjoy. – Bethany Hamilton

The ocean has always been a salve to my soul. – Jimmy Buffett

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Andre Gide

There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away. – Sarah Kay

Every time you dive, you hope you’ll see something new – some new species. Sometimes the ocean gives you a gift, sometimes it doesn’t. – James Cameron

Jordan - Red Sea - Diving Snorkeling

Middle East Planning Resources.

You have made it through the most popular snorkeling quotes for Instagram. Now, if you are in the planning stages of a trip to the Middle East and want to know all about snorkeling and diving options, I have put together a wealth of information below.

Snorkeling is on the list of the best things to do in Aqaba, Jordan’s beach town on the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba. You can take a dive boat offshore to some of the most beautiful reefs in the world. There are also popular man-made reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba including a plane and a tank!

Another popular place to snorkel and dive in the Red Sea is in Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Alongside stunning beaches you will find and underwater wonderland not far off shore!

Things to pack for a Snorkeling Trip

If you are using this post for inspiration for an upcoming trip, make sure you pack these essential items for your snorkel or dive trip!

Reef Safe sunscreen – The chemicals in many sunscreens are contributing to the death of many species that call the reef home. Make sure you pack and use a reef safe sunscreen on your trip

Rash Guard – If you are going to be snorkeling somewhere where the sun is very strong, consider a long sleeve rash guard to protect yourself from the sun.

Waterproof Phone Case – Everyone wants to bring their phone along these days. Grab yourself a waterproof phone case before your hit the waves!

Go Pro Underwater camera – There are plenty of underwater camera options available these days, some for only $50 and you can leave your phone on the shore or the boat and wifi your photos to your phone! Consider one of these! Get yourself a tripod stick as well!

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Perfect captions for snorkeling.
Snorkeling Quotes for Instagram