When is the Best Time to Go to Egypt? Comparing the Seasons

Do you want to know when is the best time to go to Egypt? If so, you are in the right place. There is definitely a best time to travel to Egypt. There is actually more than one! Because of Egypt’s typically warm climate, the most favorable weather is between October and April, when the blistering summer sun has given way to much more bearable temperatures. But that is not the only factor to take into account when you are planning your trip.

While winter is the high season in Egypt due to its favorable temperatures, you also want to take into account your own schedule and traditional holiday school holiday schedules.

Why Visit Egypt in Spring

March and April are the best spring months to visit Egypt. The days are very warm, but not too hot. When you move into May, the daytime highs can make daytime activities unbearably hot. For example, in May, Luxor sees highs of 39 C (101 F). In April the average high is up to 35C (95F) and lows of 17C (63F). Those few degrees make a big difference when you are exploring desert areas like Luxor’s Valley of the Kings of shopping for Egyptian souvenirs. 

Egypt is a large country and will see climate differences. For example, in Cairo, the weather does not get as hot as Luxor and average highs are more around 29C (84F) and 17C (61F) in April. In Sharm el-sheik on the Red Sea, in April you are going to see highs of 31C (87F) if you are planning a resort-type getaway.

Egypt - Abu Simbel
The Abu Simbel Temples were built so that the sun would align and illuminate the inner sanctum of the temple. This occurs on Feb 21st

Why Visit Egypt In Fall

The months of October and November (and onwards into December) are also some of the best time to go to Egypt. The hot summer days are gone (although it is still very warm in the sun and October may still be too hot for many as daytime highs in Luxor average around 35C). If you are visiting in November, and into winter, bring a light jacket, it can be cooler in certain parts of the country.

Fall sees a return to high season and you will find it busy, but not overly busy. Tourism in Egypt has not recovered since the Arab Spring instability that rocked the region with violence. Do not be put off by traveling in high season, it offers excellent weather and the wide-open spaces of the outdoor sites in Egypt can accommodate a large number of people.

Why Visit Egypt in the Winter

Winter offers the coolest temperatures and is also one of the best times to visit Egypt. If you are not a fan of hot weather, visiting in December, January and February are the months to plan a trip. However, this is also the most popular time to visit Egypt. January sees average high temperatures of 23C (74F) and lows at the night as low as 7C (44F). You are going to want to have layers as the evenings will quickly turn cool. In Cairo in January you temperatures that are not quite as warm but also not quite as cool (averages are a high of 19C and low of 10C).

If you are in Egypt over the holidays, ensure you find a Coptic Christmas celebration on January 7th.

Ensure you book your hotel rooms for Egypt in advance if you plan to travel over the winter.

Summer Temperatures are very hot, you will want to be near the beach or a pool to keep cool

Visiting Egypt in the Summer

Egypt is very hot in the summer from May to September. While tourists do visit and I have found myself on a ferry from Aqaba to Taba off the coast on the Red Sea in July, it is too hot to do much in the sun during the day. Luxor sees temperatures in excess of 40C and does not dip below 20C (average 25C). Cairo sees mid 30s (average 35C) during the day, which does not seem too hot for some, but the dry heat and walking around tourist sites can be very uncomfortable. It is much nicer to be at a beach than a desert. If you love hot weather and sun, consider a beach trip to the Sinai Penninsula and spend some time on the Red Sea at Taba, Sharm el Sheikh or Dahab. You can easily visit by boat from Jordan to Egypt.

The benefit of visiting Egypt in the summer is you will find lower prices and less tourists in Egypt.

Ramadan In Egypt

When planning your trip to Egypt, consider when Ramadan will fall. If you visit during Ramadan, you will find local shops and restaurants closed. The tourist sites and hotels are not affected.

So When is the Best time to go to Egypt?

As mentioned above, comfortable temperatures exist between October and April before summer temperatures make sightseeing almost unbearably hot. If you want to avoid the massive winter crowds, you should plan to visit in October or November or March and April. These months offer comfortable temperatures and avoid the Christmas Holiday traveler.

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Best Time to Visit Egypt