Jordan Sim Cards and E-Sim Options for 2023

Pre-paid SIM cards for travelers are very easy to obtain in Jordan. Unlike traditional contracts, most phone users in Jordan all use monthly plans and are topping up as needed rather than the traditional cell phone contracts.

If you are arriving in Jordan by air, you are probably arriving at Queen Alia International Airport and you can get a SIM card before you even leave the airport and travel to Amman or wherever your first destination is in Jordan. If you have a newer phone you now have an even easier option! You can get a Jordan e-sim before you even get to Jordan (or even while you are still at the airport!)

Jordan sim card

How to get an E-Sim for Jordan

E-sim cards have exploded in popularity. They are affordable, short term, and can be set up in just 5 minutes! They do not require going to a phone store and spending time getting a sim card registered. You can buy them online in just a few clicks, before you even get to your destination!

If you have an e-sim-compatible phone, consider this one. It is less than $10 to get a data package for your time in Jordan! It can be topped up in seconds from your phone and is easy to understand! I grab this so I know I have data in my rental car whenever I need it!

Where to Buy A Local Sim Card in Jordan

Which Prepaid Sim card to Buy in Jordan

There are three main carriers: Zain, Orange and Umniah. Zain is the most popular and the easiest to top up. I have bought Zain each time I have landed in Jordan and they have been great. They have plans that cater to visitors and last up to a month.

Where to Buy a Sim Card at Queen Alia International Airport?

It is very easy to obtain a sim card when you arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. On the arrivals level, before you go outside there are three phone shops and you can purchase either Zain, Orange or Umniah. Check it out in the photo below.

This is a great place to get a sim card as the agent speak English and are used to dealing with Tourists. If your flight arrives late at night (as many international flights do), do not worry, these shops are open 24/7 according to the Amman Airport website.

If you walk into a cell phone shop in one of the local neighborhoods in Amman, you might have staff that are not used to dealing with tourists!

Cell Phone Shops In Amman Airport
Before you exit Queen Alia International Airport in Amman there are three phone shops, you can buy a sim card for Orange, Zain and Umniah. Just make sure you have an unlocked phone and your passport. It takes about 10 minutes for them to process the information and then it should be activated!

Where to Buy a Sim Card in Amman?

There are phone shops ALL over Amman, as the city’s 4 million residents rely on them for their monthly top-ups. Since Amman is largely a cash-based city, most cell phone users are still physically going into their local shop with cash to buy their monthly minutes and data.

The 7th Circle is a popular place and there are dozens of shops, maybe even 100! But ask in your hotel and there will probably be one close by!

Cell Phone Sim Card Jordan
You will find cell phone shops in blocks, often with dozens in a row. If you are in a residential neighborhood, you may run into staff who do not speak english, but they will usually help you find someone who can help you! Jordanians are very friendly and helpful by nature.

What do you Need to Buy a Local Sim Card in Jordan?

Buying a prepaid sim card is easy. All you need is an unlocked phone and your passport.

How Much do Pre Paid SIM Cards cost in Jordan?

It is very inexpensive to use a cell phone in Jordan compared to many western countries. The biggest expense (and the drawback of being a visitor, is buying the SIM itself). It was JD10 (about USD 14) for the SIM card and a plan with lots of talk, text and data ranges from JD5 to JD8 (USD 8-11).

With Zain, you can add 10 GB for JD1 to a lot of plans (they send you an offer after you activate, so you do not need to worry about going over, but you need someone who can read Arabic to help you read the message – any hotel front desk will help you!).

I highly suggest the E-SIM option if your phone is compatible. Check it out here

Comparing your Home Plan to A Pre Paid Sim in Jordan.

If you budget USD20 for your sim card in Jordan, you can easily compare what it will cost to roam with your local carrier. Some American carriers have Zero roaming fees so if you have one of those you are in luck. Some carriers charge upwards of $12 a day depending on where you live to roam on international networks.

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