Ramadan in Jordan: Travel Tips and Information (2023)

When planning a trip to Jordan, it is important to take into account Ramadan, and when it falls each year. So what is Ramadan? Why does it matter when traveling to Jordan? Below you will find all of the answers to common questions about Ramadan in Jordan as well as approximate upcoming Ramadan dates. What … Read more

3 days in Jordan: Start in Amman or Aqaba

Three days in Jordan is a whirlwind of a visit. Plan as much into your days as possible to see what you want to see in the time you have. Typically 3 day trips to Jordan either start in Amman or Aqaba, but then there are also trips that start in Jerusalem or Eliat. An … Read more

Best Bedouin Camps in Wadi Rum

With over 200 camps in Wadi Rum, it is impossible to decide which one to stay on by merely searching an accommodation booking site. There are traditional tents in the center of the desert that can only be accessed by 4×4 to luxury camping tents that visitors can drive their rental cars to. Did you … Read more

Amman Roman Theatre

A visit to the Amman Roman Theatre is always on the list of things to do in Amman. It is a natural visit after the Amman Citadel as it is located just below the other popular site in Amman. The Roman Amphitheater in Amman is physically cut into the side of the hill. The large … Read more

Machaerus (Mukawir)

Machaerus (also often seen as Makawer / Mukawir / Mukawir Castle / Qala’at Mukawir) lies in modern day Jordan. Now a hilltop ruin, with impressive views, it was once the fortress of Herod Antipas where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. It is located 75 km southwest of the capital city of Amman and … Read more

Ajloun Castle  (Qalat Al-Rabad)

Ajloun Castle is a 12th century Muslim castle located in Northwestern Jordan. It was built high above the historic town of Ajloun, by Saladin, a Sunni Muslim Kurd. Today the ruins of Ajloun Castle provide visitors with spectacular views of the Jordan Valley. History of Ajloun Castle Ajloun Castle was built in the 12th century … Read more