What is the currency of Jordan and helpful Tips about Money in Jordan

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, you are likely wondering about the currency in Jordan. You will find everything you need to know in this post. Jordan can be a surprisingly expensive country, depending on where you come from. It is definitely a lot more expensive than its neighbors Egypt and Turkey.

Jordan - Petra Monastery

The Jordanian Dinar is the Official Currency in Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan uses the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). It is often abbreviated as JD and even locals doing business will often quote prices in “JD” such as “three JDs” when they are talking prices.

Cash in Jordan is Widely Used

While credit cards can be used in most hotels and restaurants, cash is still the most widely used tender in Jordan. There are ATM’s all over the country, so you do not need to come with all of the cash you need. You do not need to come with any cash at all (I never do). Grab some cash at an ATM at the airport on arrival and you are set for a few days! Cash is best for small purchases (there are lots of roadside coffee shops you will want cash for) but more and more retaillers are accepting credit cards.

Souvenir shops typically have credit and debit machines for larger purchases. (Read below about choosing “local currency” when you use these machines.)

Currency Exchanges are Common in Major Cities

You can exchange cash in Amman, there are plenty of currency exchange places. Major hotels will also exchange major currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD) but check in advance as some do not always have enough cash on hand. Ensure you do this before you visit Petra or Wadi Rum if you do bring cash from home.

Keep Small Bills

Keep small bills as much as possible. Whether it is a roadside coffee shop or a washroom attendant, you will be happy to have small bills and coins. Spend those coins before you go home (or keep them as a souvenir).

Tipping is part of the culture in Jordan.

When it comes to travel in Jordan, tipping is part of the culture. Typically tours will give you guidelines for tipping your guide and driver. When it comes to tipping here are a few tips.

Taxi Drivers: Round up to the nearest Dinar

Restaurants: up to 10% is appreciated.

Washroom attendants: one-half dinar is appreciated.

Horses In Petra: Negotiate the tip before you get on. The ride is free but you are expected to tip. JD5 is enough.

Donkeys in Petra: Pay the negotiated rate. No tip is needed.

Guides: 5-10 JD for a day tour per person.

Drivers: 5 JD for the day (also for Wadi Rum)

Always choose “local currency” when paying with Credit Cards

It is becoming more and more common for credit card machines to offer you the option to pay in your home currency. Although it will show you exactly how much you will be charged, I highly suggest that you do not select this option. On the bottom of the receipt, it will declare that the merchant machine is taking a commission amount for allowing you to pay in your home currency. It is often over 5%. Most credit cards will only take 1% and some even have no foreign currency transaction fees. 

Every time that I have checked my statement after paying in the local currency it has been less than the amount that the credit card terminal had wanted me to pay if I chose my home currency option.

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FAQ about Money in Jordan

Can you use USD in Jordan?

Yes you can in souvenir shops, as well as for tips. Try to avoid USD1 bills however. Locals sometimes have issues cashing these. Never give USD coins (or any coins other than local currency)

What is the official currency of Jordan?

Jordan uses the Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

How much is 1USD in Jordan?

$1 USD will get you JOD 0.70. You need $1.41 for JOD 1.00
The Jordanian Dinar is tied to the USD. This exchange rate rarely changes.

Do you need cash for a Jordan Visa on Arrival?

No, you can pay by credit card. You can also get cash out at the ATM at the airport before you get to customs if you prefer to pay in cash. You must pay in Jordanian Dinars, not any other currency.

Guide to money in Jordan.