Jordan Weather in March: What to Expect in Amman, Petra and Aqaba

The weather in Jordan in March packs the chill of winter and the warmth of spring, sometimes at the same time. While the sun finally packs some warmth in this part of the Middle East, some people (like me) find that the air is still cold, so warm layers are essential on cloudy days.

But what is the temperature in Jordan in March? Well, it depends on where you are, as Jordan has vastly different geographical zones. In places like Amman and Petra, it can be wet and cool, whereas in Aqaba it is warm enough to swim in the Red Sea.

Amman Weather March:

While the cold of January and February is starting to pass, Amman sees average highs of 17 degrees and lows of 6 degrees Celsius. March can be very rainy on those colder days, so make sure to have waterproof clothing and footwear. However, you will also find warm sunny days, especially at the end of the month. I have been several times in March and always need to pack layers for the spring!

Aqaba Weather March:

Just 4 hours by bus from Amman, Aqaba’s climate is quite different to Amman. Highs can reach 27C and lows are around 14C. Rain is unlikely here. The wind at the beach is often still cool, and most hotel pools only have one heated pool. A quick dip in the Red Sea for a snorkel is possible. You will find locals in the resorts are all using the heated pools. When we visit in March, my kids often swim and it is shorts weather.

Petra Weather March:

Petra lies over 1000m above sea level. Its mountainous climate means it has cool March weather, much like Amman. Its highs in March reach 21C and lows of 7C. March can be very rainy or beautiful and sunny. Ensure you pack some flexibility into your itinerary as forecasts of heavy rains will close Petra to protect visitors from flash floods that come from the mountains. This only happens a few times a year, but I did want to mention it!

While March in Petra is the start of the best time to visit Petra, especially for hikers, plan for cool weather, particularly early in the morning. Also, wear layers because you can find yourself needing a tshirt on a warm sunny day!

Jordan - Petra - Treasury What to Wear

Is March a good time to visit Jordan?

March is the perfect time to enjoy Jordan without the heat. It is the start of the busy season (which generally revolves around the weather) but it is not the busiest time. The best time to visit Jordan is late spring and fall.

Note that Ramadan in Jordan falls in March in 2024

What to Expect Weather in Jordan in March

The weather in Jordan in March can be very unpredictable and it is getting wetter every year. You should plan for cool weather and ensure you have a good waterproof jacket and a hat.

With that being said, you want to dress in layers. Smartwool socks and base layers are a great start. I have a complete Jordan packing list you can refer to as well!

The weather in Jordan in March can be very wet flash floods can occur in downtown Amman as well as in Petra as the many nearby hills will all send rain down into the low points.

There is also a chance that the highways will be closed during heavy rainfall.

But you can also have a perfectly sunny week. It is typical spring weather.

When planning a trip to Jordan in March you are going to want to plan some flexibility into your itinerary. You will not want to miss out on the bucket-list sites like Petra due to pouring rain! Make sure you keep that in mind when you are planning.