Where is Jordan Located on the Map?

Wondering where Jordan is located? Well, you are not alone. While many people can roughly visualise the Middle East, they are not exactly sure where is Jordan located on that map. Keep reading as this post will give you an explanation and a visual of where is the country Jordan on a larger map.

So Where is Jordan Located on the map of the Middle East?

Jordan borders 5 countries/territories: Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Israel and Palestine on the East, Syria on the North, Iraq on the East and Saudi Arabia on the South East and South.

location of Jordan Map

Location of Jordan in the Middle East

Jordan is part of what is often called the “Near East.” It is small on the world scale, making it hard to spot, but it is actually over 80 000 square kilometers, nearly 4 times as big as its neighbor Israel.

where is Jordan country

In the map above, you can see most of Europe and North Africa as well as some of the Middle East. You can see that Jordan is located just West of the Mediterranean, but does not touch it. It does however touch the Dead Sea on its Easten border and the Red Sea in the South at the Gulf of Aqaba.

The Gulf of Aqaba is the northern part of the Red Sea and Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are all located in this small, yet important, land area.

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