Jordan Weather in April: Amman, Petra, Aqaba

If you’re travelling in April, make sure you have your spring clothes as the weather in Jordan in April is beautiful. In Amman, the monthly average is a lovely 17°C while temperatures fluctuate from 14-25°C. Many other sightseeing locations are even higher due to Amman’s high altitude of almost 800m above sea level, you’ll find the overall temperature in Jordan in April to be blissful in the desert, especially if you’re visiting from a colder climate. Petra averages 24°C for the month while Aqaba and the Dead Sea have beautiful swimming weather, averaging 29°C during the month of April. 

Jordan - Amman Roman Theatre
Climb to the top of the Roman Theatre in Amman and enjoy this view. Have layers handy when visiting Jordan in April as the sun is warm but when it dips behind a cloud it can be cool.

Jordan Weather in April

Visiting Jordan in April means arriving in the early spring, which is ideal if you want to take in nature and enjoy natural habitats in one of Jordan’s conservation centres. The eco-lodges provide a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the wide array of flora and fauna that have made the area their home, and thanks to the warmth of the Jordan weather in April, the circle of life will be in full swing after the wetter months of winter. March weather in Jordan can bring up to 74mm of rainfall, compared to the weather in Jordan in April bringing in a mere 14mm in Amman and half of that in parts such as Petra and the Dead Sea.

As one would expect when the temperature in Jordan in April is so lovely, it is typically the tourism high season. Be prepared to wait in some lines and make some tourist friends while you explore the country. The city starts to get busier as people start to get out more and local pubs and cafes are usually busy. As for packing, the weather in Jordan in April will require you to bring a light jacket and a couple sweaters as it can get cooler in the evenings. Also it would be ideal to have some protection from the sun as it is mostly sunny during the days. A hat is important and sun protection products are a must if you’re exploring the sites during the day. 

Events take over the city in April however, with 3 regional-scale festivals taking place annually in Amman. For athletes who like to exercise for a cause, the Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon is something worth checking out. However, if you’re more into the arts, Amman also hosts the Amman International Theatre Festival and the Amman Jazz Festival in the month of April. You can also delve into the Muslim Arab tradition with Ramadan taking place in April in 2023. Mind that eating in the street is frowned upon and could be viewed as disrespectful during the Holy Month.

Overall, our opinion remains that travelling during April is one of the best times to visit Jordan. Kicking off the spring, the energy of the country is in it’s the best shape, and there are many more options to enjoy compared to the winter months. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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