7 Best Beaches in Turkey You Will Want to Add to Your Itinerary

With miles and miles of coastline on the jewel blue Aegean Sea, there is no shortage of beaches in Turkey. The best beaches in Turkey have warm water, soft sand, shallow swimming areas, and stunning views. While it is hard to narrow down, the list of Turkish beaches below will give you a good start when planning your vacation.

Best Beaches in Turkey

best beaches in turkey.


Alaçati is a gorgeous port town on the west coast of Turkey, dating back to the 14th century. Its cobbled streets, pink bougainvillea and cosy atmosphere will have you charmed, with the tranquil Aegean Sea nearby. To experience the best sands and waters in the area, it’s worth checking out a few of the beaches on the nearby northern and southern shores.

Ilica Beach is under a 10-minute drive to the north on the Cesme peninsula. The Blue Flag Beach is popular on account of its shallow, crystalline waters that you can walk out in for 100 meters and fine, golden sand beach. There are hot thermal springs on the sea bottom that make the swimming experience akin to floating in a huge thermal pool.

Turkey - Ilica Beach on Cesme Penninsula
Ilica Beach is one of Turkey’s Best beaches and is located near Izmir on the Aegean Coast

Around a 15-minute drive away on the southern coastline you’ll find Delikli Koy. This is one of the more rugged and untouched Turkish beaches that stands out for its white limestone cliffs. Bring some good shoes to stroll the rocky beach and peruse its rock formations before taking a dip.

Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz 

The Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon beach tops the list for many as the best beach in Turkey and its natural beauty affirms this credit is well due. The sweeping bay beach is located inside a protected natural park where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas join, backed by the Babadag Mountains. 

Turkey Beaches - Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon
Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon shines as one of Turkey’s Best Beaches

This is a popular beach without a doubt and it’s well worth a visit to bask in the setting. The water is a constant calm and vivid blue, meeting a coarse sand and pebble beach. 

The Turkish beach is well set up for tourism with bars, restaurants and activities. Sit back, rest your feet in the sand and frolic in the shallow warm waters. You can also try paragliding or paddle boarding to explore the scenic spot from above and below. 

Cleopatra Beach 

Another of the best beaches in Turkey is found right in the city centre of Alanya. Legend has it that Queen Cleopatra stopped to swim here and fell so in love with the bay, that she shared her name with it.

Holidaymakers, just like Queen Cleopatra, love this sandy stretch of 2.5 kilometers that’s now lined by a sweep of pretty shops, cafés and restaurants. It’s very easy to spend the whole day here on the sunbeds and there are even childcare services to give parents a breather.

Turkey - Alayna Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra Beach is one of the most popular beach resort destinations in Turkey

The beach itself is squeaky clean with lovely warm water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Look up and you’ll see the historic medieval structure, Alanya Castle, on the hillside.

Apart from taking in the beautiful landscape, beachgoers can try water activities like paragliding and surfing.

Cirali Beach

Cirali is a unique-beach lover’s paradise. The unspoiled shingle beach is just an hour’s drive from Antalya yet feels rural, set in the middle of the Taurus Mountains. This spot is best reached by car and as it’s not the most accessible, crowds are sparse. 

Cirali beach fuses nature and history with the ancient ruins of Olympos city on one end of the sand and the mysterious natural flames of Chimaera on the other. Olympos is set just back from the jagged coastline, after walking up you’ll be rewarded with the mystical site set in a dense forest.

 In Turkish, Chimaera means Yanartas or ‘Burning Rock’ to describe the spontaneous flames on the slopes of Lycian Olympos, thought to be a result of methane gases. It’s quite a spectacle watching little fires blaze on the mountainside.

Visitors can swim in the quiet, crystal clear waters and there are a few restaurants for dining as well as a picnic area if you prefer to bring your own supplies.

Patara Beach

Another of the best beaches in Turkey is in Gelemiş, located near its namesake the ancient Lycian city of Patara. 

Patara Beach is, interestingly, reached through the ruins and at 18 kilometers wins the title as the longest beach in the whole of Turkey. The presence of crumbling old temples, streets and arches bestow character and even a romance to the beautiful coastline. 

Turkey - Gelemis - Patara beach
Patara beach is one of the beaches in Turkey that is located in a protected area. Instead of development, the white dunes remain largely untouched

The beach is part of a national park and a protected area for endangered loggerhead turtles to breed. As a result, the beach has not been swarmed by buildings for tourism, leaving the limestone peaks and undulating waves of white dunes to just be. 

Patara Beach is great for taking long walks, swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters or finding a private spot to gaze at the waves. After sunset, humans head home and leave this paradise to the turtles.

Kabak Beach

The best beach in Turkey with a laid-back vibe is found nearby the bohemian village of Kabak, a beloved hub for yogis and nature lovers. The stunning half-moon bay is surrounded by mountains and thick pine forest with hikes and fresh waterfalls to be happened upon.  

On the steep trail down to the beach, be sure to stop for a moment and take in the expansive views before descending to a peaceful pebble and white sand beach. 

This is a favorite amongst locals and backpackers looking for a quiet few hours in nature. There are a few beach bars but the ambience is decidedly low-key, a wonderful place to share an afternoon with the Mediterranean Sea and native loggerhead turtles.  

Kabak beach feels like a secret spot that’s avoided the busy grip of mass tourism and should remain that way – blue sea, green forest and tranquillity. 

Butterfly Valley

Perhaps the most unique beach in Turkey is the remarkable Butterfly Valley. The name comes from the hundreds of species of butterflies that settle there each year, although the presence of more humans means less peace and quiet for the butterflies to venture out.  

The beach area is tucked into the corner of a protected nature reserve, where two mountain faces merge. Part of the magic of Butterfly Valley is its remoteness and untouched nature that can only be reached by boat.  

You’ll find a cafe, restaurant and camping area to set up and stay the night, or maybe even a few, and there are plenty of shady spots to relax amongst the grapevines. The sea, in classic Mediterranean style, is gorgeous. 

You can also walk further back into the valley (for a small entrance fee) where there’s a waterfall. The butterflies tend to like this quiet area more so if you’ve come to see them, this is recommended. Remember to respect these delicate creatures as best you can and reduce noise to a minimum.

Beaches in Turkey Conclusion

These 7 beaches in Turkey are just a few of the jewel blue waters you will find when you visit this diverse country. Whether it is your first time to the country or you are heading back because you have fallen in love with the country, I hope you have now put at least a few of these beaches on your list of places to visit in Turkey. It is one of the best places to visit in the Middle East for good reason!

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