5 Things to Do in Amman at Night (2024)

Jordanians do not sleep early. They socialize late into the night with tea, coffee and shisha. This list of things to do in Amman at night will give you some ideas of what locals do and where they hang out, as well as some things tourists would want to see as well! Things to do … Read more

Top Things to do in Amman with Kids: Popular Sights and Local Kid-Friendly Places

There are plenty of things to do in Amman to experience authentic life in Jordan. Whether you have a quick visit, or plan to base your family in Amman for some time, there are lots of things to do.Of course you need to visit the highlights, the Citadel, Roman Theatre and enjoy a restaurant in … Read more

1 Day in Petra Itinerary

While most visitors to the Red-Rose city of Petra allow for at least two days, with a little forward planning, a visit can be done in just one day. This one day Petra itinerary offers a quick glance into the impressive site. It covers the highlights and the essentials for those who are short on … Read more

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the most revered holy site in Jordan for Christians. It lies in Western Jordan 820 meters above sea level. Here, according to the Bible, Moses was shown the Promised Land after wandering the desert for 40 years. Those familiar with the Old Testament know that Moses would never enter the Promised Land. … Read more