1 Day in Petra Itinerary

While most visitors to the Red-Rose city of Petra allow for at least two days, with a little forward planning, a visit can be done in just one day. This one day Petra itinerary offers a quick glance into the impressive site. It covers the highlights and the essentials for those who are short on … Read more

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the most revered holy site in Jordan for Christians. It lies in Western Jordan 820 meters above sea level. Here, according to the Bible, Moses was shown the Promised Land after wandering the desert for 40 years. Those familiar with the Old Testament know that Moses would never enter the Promised Land. … Read more

Castles in Jordan: Explore Remote Desert Castles and Stunning Crusader Castles

While the draw of the archaeological splendour of Petra brings most people to Jordan, there are stunning Jordan castles to explore all over the country. The impressive rock-cut tombs of the Nabateans in Petra are just one of the archaeological marvels to explore while in this small Middle Eastern country. Jordan is home to Umayyad … Read more

Pella Jordan

Pella is one of the most ancient sites in Jordan. Loved by archaeologists, this site is exceptionally rich in antiquities. However, for the typical visitor, there is not a lot to actually see as much that we know about Pella is buried beneith the surface. Facts About Pella Pella is located in the North-Western part … Read more

Ajloun Castle  (Qalat Al-Rabad)

Ajloun Castle is a 12th century Muslim castle located in Northwestern Jordan. It was built high above the historic town of Ajloun, by Saladin, a Sunni Muslim Kurd. Today the ruins of Ajloun Castle provide visitors with spectacular views of the Jordan Valley. History of Ajloun Castle Ajloun Castle was built in the 12th century … Read more

Amman Roman Theatre

A visit to the Amman Roman Theatre is always on the list of things to do in Amman. It is a natural visit after the Amman Citadel as it is located just below the other popular site in Amman. The Roman Amphitheater in Amman is physically cut into the side of the hill. The large … Read more

Best Restaurants in Aqaba and Map to Find them

Whether you are visiting Jordan’s port city of Aqaba for a few hours or a few days, there are quite a few restaurants in Aqaba to choose from. Some might disagree on the best restaurants in Aqaba but the options below will give you plenty of choices while you enjoy the sunshine, the top beaches … Read more