How to Get from Wadi Musa to Petra

Wadi Musa is the town where Petra is located. Most uninformed visitors refer to the area as “Petra” when in fact the area is a town called “Wadi Musa” and is located in Maan Governante. Only the UNESCO site is actually called Petra. If you have heard of Wadi Musa, it probably means you have … Read more

Flights to Petra Jordan

Petra is the most popular site to visit in Jordan. Listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, it is one of the Middle East’s most epic sites. Hidden for hundreds of years due to its strategic location in the mountains, this rock-cut capital of the Nabateans is on most travellers bucket … Read more

Wadi Rum Weather

Wadi Rum Weather Facts Wadi Rum Desert gets just 15 days of rainfall per year, on average. It is your typical desert climate with hot days and cool nights. Large daily temperature swings are common and just minutes after the sun goes down you can feel a reprieve from the heat, as the temperature quickly … Read more

Should you Visit Jordan or Israel or Both?

If you are planning a visit to the Middle East and are wondering if you should visit Jordan or Israel, this post has everything you need to know to help you decide (or help you squeeze in a visit to both countries!). Jordan and Israel both offer natural wonders and share the lowest point on … Read more

Jordan Private Tours

If you are looking for a private tour in Jordan this page is a great place to start. Not only does it include private tour itineraries, but it also includes tips on choosing and booking a Jordan private tour. For first-timers in Jordan, planning can get overwhelming, and hiring a private guide can take the … Read more

Aqaba to Taba Ferry

If you are looking for information on the Aqaba to Taba ferry than this post has everything you need to know. Taba is a popular beach holiday destination for many Jordanian’s and Israeli’s due to its close proximity to the Jordan and Egypt borders. The ferry from Jordan to Egypt is a bit of a … Read more